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Welcome to the I am a Midwife Public Education Campaign

One of the key goals of I am a Midwife is to use social networks to create social change. By sharing our stories authentically and fearlessly and by listening to one another with open hearts and minds, we can make the world a better place.

For midwives, sharing is daring. We dare to challenge the status quo. We dare to speak up for women's innate wisdom in pregnancy and birth. We dare to assert that there is a better way for our babies to be born. And we dare to insist that birth belongs to families.

We need your help to spread the word about I am a Midwife public education campaign. Please share our video series everywhere you can.

We are excited for the world to learn more about why midwifery care is safe, satisfying, reduces disparities, decreases costs, and increases better outcomes for mothers and their newborns.

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Support I am a Midwife and get a chance to win great swag.

This week's gift:

MamAmor Doll "Sofia" - A Birthing And Breastfeeding Doll!

Adriana of MamAmor Dolls has generously donated Sofia. Here's more about MamAmor Dolls: MamAmor dolls are birthing, breastfeeding and babywearing cloth dolls. Each one is handcrafted with love and attention to detail. MamAmor dolls are very unique, and like real mamas, they are all different. MamAmor dolls are educational tools that demonstrate normal, natural birth, breastfeeding and bonding. They can also be used to help prepare children for the arrival of new siblings. They are recommended for ages 3 and older, but with adult supervision, they can be used in play with younger children as well. MamAmor dolls are well suited resources for Birthing and Breastfeeding professionals and make fantastic toys for Play therapy. Mama Dolls are 18 to 20 inches long, babies are 5 inches long. Dressed, mama and baby weight approximately 500 grams.

We hope you'll help us educate women on their full range of birth options!

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Congrats to the winner of the Doula Love package!

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Congrats to the winner of the Spread The Midwifery Love package!

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And to week one's winner of the Breastfeeding Support Kit!


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Watch for a new sharing contest with each video. Upcoming prizes include:

Mamamor Dolls and more!

Thanks to past contributors, including:

Jill Breen of Dragonfly Hollow Herbal

Geradine Simkins of Into These Hands: Wisdom of Midwives

Nicolle Littrell of At Home In Maine

Bastyr University

the Midwifery Association of Washington State

the Attachments Catalog

United States Breastfeeding Committee

Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington

Midwifery Association of Washington State

David Stark Productions and Baby Baby Oh Baby

Holistic Moms Network

Penny Simkin

Passion for Birth

Nicolle Littrell filming an I am a Midwife interview on the beach at Asilomar, California, September 29, 2012.

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