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MANA Board of Directors

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Meet the MANA Board!

The MANA Board of Directors unveiled to members, at the Fall 2013 MANA conference, a new board structure in order to better meet the needs of the new generation and our membership. Read more about MANA's restructure here. Ballots have been mailed for our Spring election, and we look forward to completing the restructure and filling new board positions by May, 2014.

MANA Board of Directors Biographies

Executive Council

Marinah FarrellPresident
Marinah Valenzuela Farrell, LM, CPM
Marinah’s favorite formative memories are political inquiry from a very young age and walks with her grandfather and mother looking for healing plants in the deserts and mountains of the southwest and Mexico. Politics and traditional medicine is what led Marinah to midwifery, and she has a firm commitment to both political activism and birth work. Marinah has been the president of various non-profit boards, has worked in waterbirth centers and medical facilities for international NGOs, free-standing birth centers in the U.S, and has been the owner of a long standing homebirth practice. Marinah also works with various local grassroots organizations in Arizona such as the Phoenix Allies for Community Health, a free clinic in downtown Phoenix, and assists in collective endeavors with other grassroots groups. Marinah is focused on the issue of lack of access to midwives and the profession of midwifery in communities where health disparities are overwhelming, as well as training in cultural safety. Marinah also continues to work with traditional midwives outside of the U.S and bridges traditional Mexican and Indigenous medicine/healing with western science and professional midwifery.

Sarita BennettSecretary
Sarita Bennett, DO, Midwife
Sarita trained and studied midwifery nearly 30 years via apprenticeship and self-study. Over a decade ago, she completed a family medicine residency, after graduating from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM). She has experienced birth in many settings, and inherently trusts both birth and the abilities of women’s bodies. She currently serves her community as a family practice physician and provides midwifery care as well, serving women in homebirth. She is a clinical instructor at WVSOM and a co-founder and core instructor at Sacred Mountain Midwifery School. She is also an instructor for the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics course. She is an active member of the Midwives Alliance of West Virginia and the West Virgina Birth Policy Coalition. She strives to support the education of more midwives as well as the legalization of CPMs.

Vicki HedleyTreasurer
Vicki Hedley, CPM, CM
Vicki is the mother to five children and one grandchild, born into her hands in October of 2012. She has been attending births since 1996, first as a doula, doula trainer, and childbirth educator and since 2008 as a CPM when she graduated from the National College of Midwifery. In 2010 she also became a CM. Her learning occurred through the apprenticeship model in many different settings with beautiful and wise midwives who taught the art of midwifery through their example. She continues the tradition of mentoring others through study groups and apprenticeship. Before becoming a midwife, Vicki had a private accounting practice for sixteen years, midwifing her clients through the stresses of finances and taxes.

Regional Representatives and Section Chairs

Adrian FeldhusenRegion 1
Adrian Feldhusen
Adrian is a New Hampshire Certified Midwife and a Certified Professional Midwife. She is currently the Chair of the NH Midwifery Council and owns a freestanding birth center in Milford, NH, which serves approximately 100 families annually in the center and at home from surrounding communities. Adrian is adjunct faculty of Birthwise Midwifery School in Bridgton, ME and is a clinical preceptor for midwifery students. Adrian is an item writer and qualified evaluator for the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). She is a licensed EMT-Intermediate and volunteer firefighter for her community. Adrian lives with her husband and 4 children in Southern New Hampshire.

Region 2
Position vacant

Tamara TaittRegion 3
Tamara Taitt, DEM, MS, MFTI, PhDc
Tamara is a midwife and marriage and family therapist. Tamara has been working in Maternal, Infant and Child Health for the last five years focusing on perinatal health disparities and perinatal bereavement. Tamara has a keen interest in birth politics and advocacy, the sustainability of the midwifery profession and woman's reproductive health issues. Tamara is currently project manager of the Midwives Alliance Public Education Campaign.

Region 4
Position vacant

Region 5
Position vacant

Colleen Donovan-BatsonRegion 6
Colleen Donovan-Batson, CNM, MS
Colleen is a woman’s healthcare provider, educator, and midwifery activist with 25 years of maternal-child healthcare experience in home, hospital, and birth center settings, both nationally and internationally. Colleen developed an educational track for nurses to train as midwives in order to decrease high pre-term birth and teen pregnancy rates in Kern county, CA. She has served on the faculty of the USC Nurse Midwifery Program, as a preceptor for both the Frontier and EPA distance learning midwifery programs, is currently adjunct faculty in the Department of Midwifery at Bastyr University. Colleen is active in state and national midwifery organizations, advocating harmony and accord amongst all midwives.

Midwives of Color Section Chair
Position vacant

Student Section Chair
Position vacant