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Mission & Goals

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Mission Statement

The Midwives Alliance is a professional membership organization that promotes excellence in midwifery practice, endorses diversity in educational backgrounds and practice styles, and is dedicated to unifying and strengthening the profession, thereby increasing access to quality health care and improving outcomes for women, babies, families, and communities.

Vision and Values

As an organization dedicated to high quality, empowering, women-centered maternity care as exemplified by the midwifery model of care, the Midwives Alliance…

  • Envisions a world in which all stakeholders are engaged in activities and institute policies that address the needs of women and families across the lifespan
  • Envisions transforming the health care system using a social justice framework so all people can experience the benefits of the system
  • Envisions a maternity care system in which both providers of care and those receiving care feel respected, satisfied, and valued
  • Envisions a maternity care system that offers high quality, accessible, affordable, and culturally competent care for all
  • Envisions a maternity care system with a diverse multidisciplinary team of health care professionals working in collaboration to promote health and wellness for all women, newborns, and families
  • Values each woman’s autonomy in making informed choices that affect her body, pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting style
  • Values inclusion of diverse voices and interconnectedness as key principles in organizational structure and function


  • To engage midwives in dialog and to encourage solidarity across North America
  • To recognize the diversity among midwives and to foster inclusive community building
  • To build an identity as a cohesive organization representing the profession as well as the tradition of midwifery at regional, national and international levels
  • To position midwives as acknowledged authorities, working to improve perinatal health in collaboration with other professionals
  • To collect and disseminate high quality research about midwifery care
  • To promote excellence in midwifery practice
  • To sponsor continuing education opportunities for midwives
  • To increase access to midwives in all settings
  • To endorse the Midwives Model of Care™ as the gold standard for childbirth
  • To affirm the rights of pregnant women to give birth where and with whom they choose

The Midwives Alliance promotes professional development and continuing education of midwives so all women and babies will have access to practitioners who can provide excellent prenatal care, safe and empowering births, comprehensive postpartum care, and privacy during the critically important bonding period of mother-infant attachment.

All Midwives, Students and Supporters are Welcome

The Midwives Alliance welcomes practicing and retired midwives, as well as students and midwifery advocates as valuable members of the organization.