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Spring 2014 Elections

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In 1982, the Midwives Alliance of North America was established as a non-profit 501(c)(6) professional organization for all midwives. MANA grew out of a grassroots coalition of diverse types of midwives including nurse-midwives, lay midwives, direct-entry midwives, and traditional midwives from across North America. The impetus to create MANA was a desire to establish a professional home for all midwives that would recognize and honor the diversity of educational backgrounds and practice styles within the profession.

Along with welcoming all midwives, MANA established a North American professional midwifery association for direct-entry midwives who entered the profession directly rather than through a nursing route, just as most midwives do in Canada and Europe. In addition MANA created a professional association for midwives attending births in out-of-hospital settings at a time when there was no other organizations of its kind. Ultimately, it was the goal of the Founding Mothers--just as it is now--to unify and strengthen North American midwifery, provide women with access to a broader range of midwife practitioners, and in so doing, improve the quality of health care for women, infants and communities.

Throughout the years, the visionaries of the Midwives Alliance have engendered a network of organizations to promote the practice of midwifery, implement midwifery education and regulation, raise public awareness regarding choices in childbirth, and provide public education on the benefits of normal physiologic birth and natural birth practices. We continue to value our partnerships with midwives and midwifery associations across the Americas and beyond, and devote substantial resources to coalition building and collaborative advocacy for midwifery and women's right to choose their childbirth providers and settings. MANA has a proud history of relentlessly advocating for women's autonomy in their reproductive lives through promoting midwifery as a high quality maternity care option.

Please join us as we move forward in our proud midwifery legacy.
We need your voice and guidance so that we can better represent all midwives.

Results of the Spring 2014 MANA Board Election

The following were elected to these positions on the MANA Board of Directors:

  • Sarita Bennett—Vice President
  • Andrea Dixon—Secretary
  • Amy Smith—Director of Professional Development

The Directors of Divisions are new board positions which the Board explains here.

The Midwives Alliance is a professional membership organization. We invite you to join MANA as a member now. We welcome all practicing and retired midwives, as well as students and midwifery advocates as valued voices in the organization.