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MANA Support for the Face of Birth

The Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) is excited to announce support for the new film “The Face of Birth.” This film, which was filmed and produced in Australia, has an applicable message for women everywhere. With a subtitle of “When the Personal Gets Political,” it is clear that ultimately the film is about a woman’s sacred right to choose where and with whom she gives birth.

Nine women share their personal stories with the viewers, augmented by words of wisdom from leading global experts, echoing MANA’s belief in the safety of normal physiologic birth as well as a woman’s right to make the informed choice that is best for her and her family. You will find yourself in tears as you listen to the passion each woman’s voice. Indeed, the film encourages us all “to speak with a clear voice and to join with other women to speak” as we “fight an uphill battle to define birth as a normal physiologic event.”

MANA will be screening the film at MANA 2014 and will have the film available for purchase there. If you would like to buy the video before the convention, use the special code “WS053” on this page: http://www.faceofbirth.com/films. Make your selection (DVD, Download, and which film) and click “buy now” which will take you to another page to confirm. Click to confirm, which will take you to the shopping cart page where you will enter the code “WS053.”

Thank you to the film producers, Kate and Gavin, for this important work which supports the vision MANA has for a world where every person, in the setting of their choice, has access to high quality midwifery care provided by culturally safe, autonomous, community-based midwives.

Other Special Convention Events

Friday Night

Dance into the night on the Terrace on the Roof overlooking the Arch.

Saturday night

The Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery will host a Film Premier Event. Details to be revealed in the summer.