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Please read all CEU instructions carefully. Those who buy the CEU packet will also receive this printed letter with their CEU packet.

  1. You will receive 2 Attendance Verification forms, one to return at the end of the convention and the second to keep for your records. It is your responsibility to obtain and record the CEU code at each session you attend as proof you attended the session. Please return one copy of the Verification form with your CEU session codes to the registration desk before leaving the convention. There will be a designated box in which to place them.
  2. Reminder: not all sessions may offer CEUs. Some sessions were added to the program after the CEU application deadline and have not been approved. These are noted on the Verification form.
  3. You must also complete a Session Evaluation for each session you attend. They will be done electronically this year. At the end of each day of the convention you click below and complete the form for the sessions you attended that day. The forms are organized by day, so please wait until the end of the day and fill out the entire form for that day. Deadline for submitting CEU information is December 8, 2014. Your feedback will be readily available to the speakers and convention planners. This is very important in planning future conventions. It also saves paper and printing costs. When you have completed all your evaluations, they will be submitted to me, and I will process your CEU Certificate and send it to your e-mail address. Please put ceus@mana.org in your email contacts so your certificate won’t go to your SPAM box.

Please speak to me during the convention if you have any questions/concerns about this process.

Thank you,

Clarice Winkler
MANA CEU Chairperson


Below are the links to the session evaluation forms. If you bought the CEU packet, you must fill out a session evaluation on each session you attended (which is eligible to receive CEUs). If you did not sign up for CEUs, you can still fill out the evaluations to assist the speakers with quality feedback on their sessions. Please fill out the evaluation for the entire day at once (one form per day).