Exhibits and Sponsorship

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Download the Exhibitor and Marketing Prospectus (PDF).

Download just the Application (PDF).

We expect between 300-500 convention attendees comprised of midwives, nurses, physicians, childbirth educators, doulas, parents, midwifery students, childbirth advocates and birth center administrators.

Supporting their work as a convention sponsor, exhibitor, or advertiser offers an opportunity to connect with the birth community and gain valuable exposure and recognition for your brand. The exhibits area is located directly adjacent to the ballroom where general sessions will take place, and in the foyer outside, offering excellent exposure to attendees.

In 2014 we are pleased to host our lively Thursday Opening Night Exhibits Cocktail Reception as a first connection between exhibitors and attendees, and we will continue that access throughout the convention, with extended hours and dedicated exhibit times offering maximum exposure.

Payment Details
Shipping Policies
  • Exhibitor/Advertiser is responsible for all shipping and handling fees.
  • Packages should arrive between October 20 and 22 in order to avoid additional storage fees.
  • At the conclusion of the show, the Group Representative/Exhibitors will be responsible for all dismantling, repacking and sealing of outbound shipments.
  • All outbound shipments will require completed shipping documents, including billing account numbers.
  • Click here for a Word file of a draft shipping label you might edit and use in addition to your official shipping label.
  • Multiple boxes/containers should each be marked as follows: “(Box number) of (total number shipped)” for example: Box 1 of 4, Box 2 of 4, etc. and marked as INSERT, RAFFLE ITEM, HOLD FOR EXHIBITOR, ETC.
Shipping Address Label Contents

Hyatt Regency St Louis at The Arch
Midwives Alliance Conference, Oct 20, 2014
Hold For Guest: (Guest Name) (Guest Cell Number)
(Guest Company Name) Regency AB
315 Chestnut Street
St Louis, MO 63102