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Need log-in help?

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To retrieve your username/password for the members only portion of the MANA site:

Click here. You'll see a form where you can enter either your username or your e-mail address.

Your username will be your full name with a space between your first and last name (yes, our program does allow for spaces in usernames, so it will look like this: "Susan Smith"). Or, enter the email address associated with your membership.

After you enter your username (Firstname Lastname) or your email address, type in the curvy text (to keep away the spambots!) and click "E-mail new password."

If the page comes back saying something like "Sorry, [Firstname Lastname] or [your email address entered] is not recognized as a user name or an e-mail address" you can try a different email address or a different name combination (perhaps you had changed your name and not notified MANA?).

Need extra help?

If you can't find a username or an email which works, please email Jen Brown, our membership chair, at Send her your full name, phone number, and current email address, and she will send you access to your MANA membership account and the MANA Members Only area (if you are a current member!).

Thank you so much for your continued support of MANA!

Note: if you had joined with PayPal in the last few years, the username/password you received from PayPal will NOT work on our new website.

Click here to retrieve your log-in information!