2020 Challenge

Midwives Alliance Strategic Planning Retreat, Summertown, Tennessee (2010)

Midwives Alliance Strategic Planning and Board meeting at The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee, October 2010.


The 2020 Challenge

Geradine Simkins, MANA President & Interim Executive Director:

The Midwives Alliance just completed a very successful national conference in Nashville, Tennessee. We are proud of the local conference crew, co-sponsors, and national conference team for their excellent work in assembling this stellar event. We were thrilled that so many people attended MANA 2010 from all over the country and several places outside of the U.S.

MANA is on the move, and people are noticing the potent alliances we are building and our persistent advocacy for the profession of midwifery and the well being of women and their babies.

The 2020 Challenge

At MANA 2010 Conference I issued
The 2020 Challenge: 20,000 midwives

Assisting at 20% of all births in the U.S.

By the year 2020

Midwives Are the Solution

We know midwives are the solution to many of the problems our current maternity care system faces and that midwives can effectively address the unacceptably poor outcomes women of color and marginalized communities face. Nonetheless, we have a serious shortage in the midwifery workforce to address the childbearing needs of women, infants, and families.

Maternity Care Workforce

Let's look at a few facts and figures. Annually in the United States there are 4.3 million births. The maternity care workforce who attends these births consists of obstetricians, family practice physicians, obstetrical nurses, and midwives.

about 40,000 
 23,650 family
practice physi
cians, 23,000 
 nurses, and
 10,000 mid-
wives attend 
births in the

attend about 90% of all births in the U.S., and midwives attend about 10% of births across all settings.

Meeting the Challenge

We can meet the 2020 Challenge, but it is going to take keen focus, hard work, multiple stakeholders, and unrelenting intention to meet this goal. We need every mother, father, grandparent, teen, health professional, educator, administrator, midwife, and ally to work together to achieve>

The 2020 Challenge

Won't you join us today in our efforts? Moms, babies, families, and communities are depending on us. Please join MANA as a professional midwife or a midwifery supporter and plug into efforts to achieve The 2020 Challenge: 20,000 midwives, assisting at 20% of all births in the U.S., by the year 2020. We can do it!

MANA Constant Contact bulletin, November 1, 2010