MANA Board

Restructuring of the MANA Board was ratified by the membership at the Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM in October 2015 by approval of by-law amendments. Here are job descriptions for positions on the skills-based board, and your 2019 MANA Board!

Sarita Bennett, DO, CPM

MANA President

Sarita has listened to women’s stories all her life – stories about love and birth and healing and death. She grew up in a rural mountain culture that valued self-reliance and in which home birth was the norm.

Renata Hillman, CPM


Renata lives in southern Mississippi with her husband, Andy. She is Mother to 3 children; the last, her daughter, was born at home. She has 5 precious Grandchildren; she was honored to catch 4 at home.

Colleen Donovan-Batson, CNM, MS

Colleen Donovan-Batson, CNM, MS

Director of Health Policy and Advocacy
ICM section Chair

Colleen is a certified nurse midwife/women’s health nurse practitioner and midwifery activist with 25 years of maternal-child healthcare experience in home, hospital, and birth center settings, both nationally and internationally.

Wendi Cleckner, LM, CPM, JD

Director of States' Advocacy

Wendi is a midwife, herbalist, lawyer and women’s rights activist. In 1993 she helped a friend in the birth of her first child and felt a passion to devote her life to moms and babies. The calling of midwifery has blessed her with travel across the world, taking her all over Asia and Africa.

Ximena Rojas, Licenciada Enfermeria y Obstetricia UNAM/Partera

Director of Professional Development

Woman, Mother, Midwife by training and family heritage, Ximena studied nursing and obstetrics at UNAM, where she pioneered a student exchange with the University of Utah in Salt Lake City providing health care at their Mexican Consulate, and assisting at approximately 350 deliveries in maternal-c