MANA Staff

MANA's staff is vital in keeping our organization running smoothly by supporting many of our administrative needs including: coordinating our annual conference, sustaining our online presence, and editing and facilitating our newsletters and communications.

Media and Communications Director

Katie Malberg is a creative professional whose passion for the digital arts inspires her to master every facet in the field. From her gathered experience in web and graphic design, photography and film, she humbly offers a hand in the world of digital marketing and content creation.

Katie graduated from Washington State University with a B.A. in Digital Technology and Culture, and a minor in Communications and Music. She has served small businesses and organizations around the Pacific Northwest and Chicago for several years, helping them to achieve higher standards of marketing and public relations.

Whether it’s designing a national magazine or shooting a promotional film, she aims to empower those in their professional endeavors, and as the Media and Communications Director of MANA, Katie aspires to empower MANA and its members with her expertise and enthusiasm. She hopes her work will encourage others to share their voice within the organization and foster a vibrant midwifery community.