Director of Events


The Director of the Division of Events has four key areas of responsibility: ƒ

  • education
  • annual and regional conferences
  • ƒinternational meetings and conferences
  • ƒmerchandising

The Director is responsible to maintain MANA’s strong voice of expertise regarding the Midwives Model of Care and normal physiologic birth and to create opportunities for professional growth and networking through the annual Conference.

The Director will: ƒ

  • be a current voting member of MANAƒ
  • attend phone, virtual, and in-person board meetings, and annual conference
  • ƒpromote educational opportunitiesƒ
  • oversee annual and regional conferences and liaison with Conference Coordinator and all conference committeesƒc
  • oordinate MANA’s attendance at and participation in local, national, and international meetings and conferences
  • ƒincrease MANA’s merchandising selling capabilities through eventsƒ
  • assemble a diverse and highly competent Program Committee along with the Program Chairƒ
  • with board input, appoint a Program Chairƒwork closely with the treasurer to determine conference budget(s)ƒ
  • ensure that communications regarding the conference are being adequately disseminated and overseenƒ
  • maintain a conference handbook that is accessible and updated with current conference policiesƒ
  • be the board liason between MANA conference volunteers and staff and local committee conference volunteers and staffƒ
  • ensure the technology capability of the conference is using updated and progressive registration and applications to ensure ease of attendance at national and regional conferencesƒ
  • oversee the following committees:
    • Conference Committee (and all Committees related to Conference)
    • Merchandise Committee with Director of Organizational Development
    • ad hoc Committees as needed

Preferred Skill Set

Previous nonprofit board experience or volunteer experience for an organization with similar goals as MANA is preferred, but not required. Persons seeking this position will actively pursue, appreciate and mentor the broadest cultural and geographic diversity to the Board, and have knowledge of and commit-ment to cultural safety and competency. Additional preferred skills: experience organizing midwifery conferences, basic technology competency, strong organizational skills, people skills, patience, multi-tasking, planning and follow through capabilities.


The amount of time that members spend on MANA Board work ranges from 0 to 15 hours per week depending on the time of year and projects they are involved in. Board members are expected to fol-low through with deadlines and commitments made, with the understanding that we are all practicing midwives. Director, Division of EventsRevised May 2018

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