Division of Access and Equity

The Division of Access and Equity  was born of the realization that racial disparities, legislative struggles, and lack of access to midwives are all connected and further compounded by issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, gender expression, region, language, and more.

The division of A&E is a strategic partnership of MANA and Elephant Circle, designed to increase numbers and political power with the creation of a coalition of midwives and consumers. The purpose of the division is to address systemic issues that create barriers to safe, culturally appropriate midwives and maternity care. While most of this, the Division's first year, has been taken up with brainstorming ideas for potential projects, and building a strong base for future projects and plans, they were able to bring two free webinars to MANA members. What is Equity and What Does It Have to Do With Midwifery? in May 2016 provided a picture of midwifery's place in the US health care system and how to not only level the playing field, but raise it enough to give a boost to those who most need it. The Full Dilation of the Heart - Dignity Birth Campaign webinar in August 2016 focused on bringing dignity and healing back to midwives and provided an opportunity to share stories with other midwives and learn techniques for self-care. 

All the loose ends are slowly coming together, and 2017 promises to be a good and productive year.

Indra Lusero, JD, MA

Indra Lusero, JD, MA

Chair, Division of Access and Equity