Division of Research

MANA Division of Research

The mission of the Midwives Alliance Division of Research (DOR) is to increase the capacity for and dissemination of rigorous research and innovation in maternal-infant health. In particular, the DOR aims to facilitate research on the characteristics and outcomes of midwifery care, including measures of quality, safety, and best practice. To achieve these goals the members of the DOR are engaged in several initiatives:

The MANA Statistics Registry: Making high-quality data available for researchers

The DOR maintains the MANA Statistics Registry, a web-based registry of maternal and infant health data from midwife-led births. Midwives have obtained consent from women and families across North America to provide detailed information about their maternity care, creating the largest high-quality dataset of midwife-attended births in home and birth center settings in the United States.

The DOR aims to facilitate research on the characteristics of midwifery care, including measures of quality, safety, and best practice, and the effects of birth place on maternal-infant outcomes. The de-identified data are available, via an application process including independent ethics board review, to researchers who wish to examine some aspect of midwifery care, physiologic labor and birth, or effects of birth place on outcomes.

The DOR provides benchmarking statistics for midwives.

The DOR benchmarking data give midwives the ability to compare their practice statistics to those of other maternity care providers across the country.

The MANA Stats Registry is used by licensing boards and midwifery organizations to track and evaluate trends, and aggregate outcome data for the purposes of quality assessment, evaluation, and assurance for maternal newborn population health within the state, and to monitor the continuing competency of providers.

The Division of Research also provides resources to midwives and families on the evidence basis for midwifery care for pregnancy, childbirth, newborn and women’s health across settings (home, office, birth center, hospital).