Sections & Divisions

MANA’s skills based Board is made up of 5 divisions. They are the Division of Health Policy and Advocacy, Division of Public Affairs, Division of Organizational Development, Division of Events. and Division of Professional Development. Their directors, in addition to the Executive Council make up MANA’s Board of Directors.

MANA hosts two additional Divisions, the Division of Research and the Division of Access and Equity, and contains two Sections, the ICM section and the Student Section. The by-laws allow for the semi-autonomous functioning of Sections and Divisions by providing for separate leadership councils and policy and procedure as long as they are not in conflict with MANA’s bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Division of Research

The mission of the Midwives Alliance Division of Research (DOR) is to increase the capacity for and dissemination of rigorous research and innovation in maternal-infant health. In particular, the DOR aims to facilitate research on the characteristics and outcomes of midwifery care, including measures of quality, safety, and best practice.

Division of Access and Equity

The Access and Equity Committee is a new MANA initiative to address systemic issues impacting midwifery and those seeking midwifery care

Int'l Confederation of Midwives Section

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) is an association with organizational members. MANA is one of those members, and together with over 100 other midwifery associations from all over the world we discuss and enact strategies and policies to make midwifery a visible and viable option in maternity care across the planet.

Student Section

Our Student Section provides insight and direction to MANA on how to best serve the student midwife community. This section fosters community and support using an online forum, FREE Skills workshop during the pre-con sessions at our annual conference, and student edition newsletters.