On-Line Community Managers

On-line Community Managers or OCMs keep our online presence dynamic and interesting while also preserving a safe environment for discussion and support.

Nermarí Faría Broderick

Nermarí Faría Broderick is mom to three boys and a baby girl who were all born with midwives, either at home or a birth center.

Ashley Klemm

is mom to five children and an aspiring CPM. While waiting for the littlest ones to be old enough for the on-call lifestyle of a midwife, she currently works to educate pregnant women about their options in pregnancy and birth.

Adriana Lozada

is a birth doula, postpartum educator, maternity consultant, writer and ad hoc designer. She loves helping women become confident, calm and fearless mothers.

Chanté Perryman

Chanté Perryman is the owner of Baby Dreams Maternity Conierge. She is the mom of one and became a Birth Advocate shortly after the birth of her daughter.

Heather Richard

Heather Richard is a writer, childbirth educator, certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, and former birth doula. She teaches "Write Your Birth Story" workshops and private Birth Story sessions to help heal birth trauma.

Carrie Riley

Carrie Riley is the mother to two boys and a student of Maternal Child Health with a concentration in Lactation Consulting.  Her long term schooling includes midwifery training and she plans to specialize in work with sexual abuse survivors.  She is currently a register