People of MANA

The Midwives Alliance welcomes practicing and retired midwives, students, and midwifery advocates as valuable members of the organization. We rely on all of our members to participate in the activities of the Midwives Alliance by joining our sections, divisions, and standing committees, and through attendance at online meetings of the Membership Advisory Council. We encourage Midwife members to take on leadership roles as directors and officers on the MANA board, and as section, division, and committee chairs. Your participation influences the direction of the Midwives Alliance and benefits the future of midwifery.

There are many opportunities to become involved in the Midwives Alliance, including the following open positions and as members of any of our committees. Please contact us at to let us know your interests and skills.

  • Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Newsletter editor
  • Merchandise Committee Chair
  • Student Section leadership
  • Volunteer Coordinator

MANA Board

Restructuring of the MANA Board was ratified by the membership at the Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM in October 2015 by approval of by-law amendments. Here are job descriptions for positions on the skills-based board, and your 2019 MANA Board!

MANA Staff

MANA's staff is vital in keeping our organization running smoothly by supporting many of our administrative needs including: coordinating our annual conference, sustaining our online presence, and editing and facilitating our newsletters and communications.


MANA's Committees are project oriented and are responsible for doing the hands-on work needed to keep MANA current and to realize our mission. Committees work to complete various projects that both sustain our organization and advance the profession of midwifery.

Advisory Council of Elders

At the Spring 2014 Board of Directors meeting, a consensus decision was made, to establish the MANA Advisory Council of Elders.

On-Line Community Managers

On-line Community Managers or OCMs keep our online presence dynamic and interesting while also preserving a safe environment for discussion and support.

Lifetime Members

MANA gratefully acknowledges the support and commitment of our lifetime members. They are truly moving midwifery forward!