Bylaw Requirements

The President shall provide leadership, have general supervision of the affairs of MANA, be authorized to sign or endorse checks in the absence of the Treasurer, shall serve as the contractual agent of MANA, shall serve ex-officio on all committees of MANA, and shall perform other such duties as are necessarily incident to the office of President or as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors.

The President shall have served as a Board member in another office before becoming President.In the absence of a nominee who meets this requirement, the Executive Council shall open nominations to all voting members.


The President’s primary roles are to provide leadership for the Board of Directors and participate in the governance of the organization. As “chief volunteer”, the President works with the board, staff and community to further the organization’s vision and mission, co-facilitate the actualization of the strategic plan, provide guidance in the creation and implementation of policies and procedures, oversee programs and projects, and delegate tasks in order to accomplish Board and organizational activities. The President influences how the board uses its time, the selection of board members and its future leadership. The President is an ex officio member of all committees, sections, and divisions.

The President has four key areas of responsibility:

  • Board leadership and oversight
  • Organizational representation
  • Envisioning and implementation of organizational strategic directions
  • Organizational sustainability

The President will:

  • be a current voting member of MANA
  • attend all Board meetings and as many calls as possible
  • oversee Board and Executive Council meetings
  • oversight of the Division of Access and Equity, the Division of Research (DOR), and the ICM Section as liaison to the board
  • be the primary spokesperson for the organization
  • call special meetings if necessary
  • facilitate meetings at annual conference and give annual President’s report
  • engagement in annual award recipient selection and ceremony at conference
  • initiate board appointments of all committee chairs, and implement committee governance policy
  • prepare agenda for board calls and meetings (with the Secretary and Vice President, and input from others as needed)
  • coordinate annual performance evaluations (along with the Treasurer or Executive Director) for staff members
  • work with the Leadership and Recruitment Committee to recruit new board members
  • periodically consult with Board members on their roles and help them assess their performance

Preferred Skill Set

Previous nonprofit board experience or volunteer experience for an organization with similar goals as MANA is preferred, but not required.  Persons seeking this position will actively pursue, appreciate and mentor the broadest cultural and geographic diversity to the Board, and have knowledge of and commitment to cultural safety and competency.  Additional preferred skills:  strong leadership that encourages team building, integrity, resilience, confidence, public speaking ability, bi-lingual, technical and computer literacy skills, writing proficiency, networking capability, multitasking, and strategic planning.


This position requires a minimum of twenty hours per week, but may be more depending on travel for the organization and projects the President participates in.President Revised June 2016


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