Bylaw Requirements

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping and distributing the minutes of all meetings of MANA, the Board of Directors and the Executive Council, for coordinating all MANA correspondence, and for other such duties as pertain to the office.


The Secretary has six key areas of responsibility: ƒ

  • record keepingƒ
  • recording and disseminating board call and meeting minutesƒ
  • correspondenceƒ
  • generating and monitoring board member task listsƒ
  • participating with Director of Organizational Development to continually update Policy and Procedure Handbookƒ
  • creating, organizing and disseminating Board packets for spring and fall Board meetings

The Secretary will:ƒ

  • be a current voting member of MANAƒ
  • format agendas for Board calls, and work with the President to create the agenda for in person Board meetingsƒ
  • attend phone, virtual, and in-person Board meetings, and annual conference
  • ƒserve on the Executive Councilƒ
  • ensure the safety and accuracy of all Board records, and archive MANA material when appropriate
  • ƒassist the President and other Board members to create letters and other MANA documentation that will be used internally and externallyƒ
  • with the Board, create annual report for conference and take minutes at the business meeting at the annual conference and any board associated meetings
  • create and review Board minutes and ensure Board minutes are approved by the Board of Directors in a timely mannerƒ
  • provide notice to the Board of all Board meetings and committee meetings, when appropriate

Preferred Skill Set

Previous nonprofit board experience or volunteer experience for an organization with similar goals as MANA is preferred, but not required. Persons seeking this position will actively pursue, appreciate and mentor the broadest cultural and geographic diversity to the Board, and have knowledge of and commitment to cultural safety and competency. Additional preferred skills include: ability in computer technology and social media, well-organized, listening skills, writing and editing skills, and patience.


The amount of time that members spend on MANA Board work ranges from 0 to 15 hours per week depending on the time of year and projects they are involved in. Board members are expected to fol-low through with deadlines and commitments made, with the understanding that we are all practicing midwives. SecretaryRevised May 2018

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