Bylaw Requirements

The Treasurer shall be custodian of the funds of MANA, give an itemized report at each meeting of the Board of Directors and at the annual meeting of MANA, be an ex-officio member of the Finance Com-mittee, make recommendations and invest money with the approval of the Board of Directors after consultation with the Finance Committee, and perform other duties as pertain to the office.


The Treasurer has eight key areas of responsibility:ƒ

  • oversight of all financial transactions, maintenance of financial records, taxes, etc.
  • ƒmaintenance of bank account(s) and investmentsƒ
  • prepare and manage budgetsƒ
  • manage grant fundsƒ
  • assure adherence to organizational financial policiesƒ
  • serve as Chair of the Finance Committee and on the Board of the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery (FAM) as board liaisonƒ
  • regularly report to the Board of Directors regarding financial trends, assessments and concerns

The Treasurer will:ƒ

  • be a current voting member of MANAƒ
  • attend telephone, virtual, and in-person Board meetings, and annual conference
  • ƒserve on the Executive Councilƒ
  • in the absence of the Executive Director, oversee staff contracts and annual evaluationsƒ
  • create the agenda for and participate in regular Finance Team meetingsƒ
  • ensure the safety and accuracy of all financial records
  • ƒmake investments to the optimum benefit of MANAƒ
  • oversee and maintain grants and special fundsƒfinancial report to membership at annual conference business meetingƒ
  • oversight of conference finances on and off site
  • maintain inventory of fixed assets and merchandise (along with the Merchandise Chair)ƒ
  • contract with a CPA to prepare annual 990 IRS form (or do it if capable)ƒ
  • provide and/or arrange for auditing at the request of the Board of Directorsƒ
  • ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the Board of Directors on a timely basis
  • ƒkeep currently informed of legal, regulatory and sector developments relating to the Board’s financial responsibilities

Preferred Skill Set

Previous nonprofit board experience or volunteer experience for an organization with similar goals as MANA is preferred, but not required. Persons seeking this position will actively pursue, appreciate and mentor the broadest cultural and geographic diversity to the Board, and have knowledge of and com-mitment to cultural safety and competency. Additional preferred skills include: financial knowledge of the organization, understanding of financial accounting for nonprofits, knowledge of and commitment to cultural safety and competency, honesty, integrity, well-organized, and understanding of computer technology.


The amount of time that members spend on MANA Board work ranges from 0 to 15 hours per week depending on the time of year and projects they are involved in. Board members are expected to fol-low through with deadlines and commitments made, with the understanding that we are all practicing midwives.TreasurerRevised May 2018

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