Bruce Ackerman HBD

Bruce Ackerman

Bruce Ackerman HBD

Director of Data Collection, MANA Research

Bruce Ackerman works on design and improvement of the web data collection system, supports users of this system, and participates in DOR coordination. His interest in birth comes through his marriage to a midwife and long-time involvement with the Midwives Alliance, and the births of his two children at home, and also through a lifelong interest in the ways that our future and our relationship with technology are envisioned. He has worked in laboratory instrumentation, on medical devices, and on renewable energy planning and research.

Bruce’s role on the DOR is to coordinate among multiple disciplines, including researchers, software developers, funders, the MANA Board, and the midwives who contribute data, for the long-term planning and detailed maintenance of the MANA Stats system.