Dr David Hayes, MD

Dr. Hayes is an OBGYN with an academic background and a passion for science and its proper application to clinical medicine. He has worked for Médecins Sans Frontières and has attended births in high- and low-resource settings and in both home and hospital. Physiologic breech birth and supporting the training of breech birth attendants are particular interests of his. Before joining Breech Without Borders in 2019, he had a home birth practice in Asheville, NC at Harvest Moon Women’s Health.   Dr. Hayes pursued training in vaginal breech birth during both medical school and his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, at a time when instruction in vaginal breech birth was no longer routinely included in the training of obstetricians in the United States. He has performed an estimated 140 vaginal breech births using traditional obstetric maneuvers in dorsal lithotomy positions. In 2016 he hosted a training session on physiologic vaginal breech birth taught by Dr. Shawn Walker, PhD. Since that time he has been fortunate to attend many more vaginal breech births with a 100% vaginal breech birth rate and no significant complications or instrument interventions.

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