Jen Brown

Jen Brown

Membership Chair

Jen Brown, LM, became involved with MANA in 2009 when she volunteered to help the Division of Research with a project to add extra questions to the MANA Stats form for California midwives to fulfill state reporting requirements. She progressively took on more responsibility, and is now Project Manager for the DOR. In 2014 she added Membership Coordinator to her duties. In that role, she manages the membership database, answers phone and email inquiries from members, and works with the MANA Board on membership related issues.

As project manager for the DOR, Jen has been in contact with nearly everyone who uses the MANA Stats Registry. She helps midwives get enrolled, manages their accounts, provides technical support, and answers questions about the data form and state reporting requirements. She facilitates collaborations between MANA Stats and state midwifery organizations that wish to utilize the MANA Stats Registry for QA/QI and legislative initiatives. Within the DOR, Jen trains and supervises the data reviewers and data doulas. She works with the Director of Data Collection and software developers to plan and prioritize software projects, and assists the Director of Data Quality by exporting raw data from the web system to be turned into research datasets for internal and external projects. She has recently been given the additional role of Research Assistant.

Jen is a midwife with a small practice in the foothills of northern California where she lives with her partner Bryan and their two wild boys, both born at home. Bitten by the research bug, she became a student at the University of California, Davis, where she is pursuing her interest in public health, particularly maternity care in rural communities.