Nichole Feinauer

Nichole Feinauer began her journey to Midwifery in 2001 as a birth doula attending both home and hospital births in Georgia. She also worked as a Lamaze certified childbirth educator at a pregnancy resource center. Nichole began assisting at home births in 2007.

In 2004, Nichole founded the Georgia Birth Network, a resource for both families and birth professionals. During her 10 years with the birth network she hosted numerous trainings, organized large scale educational events for the public, and established a vibrant doula mentorship program.

Nichole and her family relocated to Virginia in 2017, where she found her place in a local birth center. While there she attended births at both the freestanding birth center and at home and was able to complete her midwifery training through PEP. She then moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in May of 2019 where she hopes to start a practice after passing the NARM.

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