MANA Statistics Project Update

MANA Statistics Project Update

We’re incredibly excited to tell you that on January 30th, next Thursday, the much-anticipated outcomes from our MANA Stats 2004-2009 dataset will be publicly released.  

Two articles will be published in the upcoming Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health: one describes the MANA Stats system and how it works, and the other describes the outcomes of planned home births with midwives between 2004 and 2009.  

The Midwives Alliance is proud of our Division of Research and the amazing MANA Stats system. This is the largest registry of planned home births in the U.S. and one of only two large datasets where normal physiologic birth can be studied, and we thank all of the contributor midwives who have made this possible. We also thank the members of the MANA Division of Research who created the system, continually improved it over the years, and have put quality assurance processes in place to make sure the data are sound.  And finally, we thank the researchers who shepherded these articles down the long road to publication.  We’re looking forward to the important conversations that these articles will generate!

For an in-depth look at what to expect from the articles, check out the post Understanding MANA Stats here.

Watch here for an update next Thursday, when we’ll share with you a summary of the findings, links to the research, and materials to share with women, families and others interested in learning more about home birth.

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This is so exciting and I know it will be worth the wait! It is so important for all our efforts to make midwifery care and homebirth accessible options for families to have this critical research published. Thank you MANA Division of Research for your diligence!

congrats on finding a good journal to release the data in. Was a recipient of a MANA conference scholarship in 2012 and heard prerelease data. I have just returned to the US after a short stint with an Interim Practice certificate in New Zealand.
I commend all for the effort that went into this. thank you ! Perhaps we can begin to further the CPM credential as the "no-to low intervention" approach and not only claim our role as gatekeepers of physiological birth but as the worlds best kept secret in training midwives in physiological birth care.
Sushila schwerin

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