COVID-19 Resource List

COVID-19 Resource List


As midwives serving our communities, we don’t always have time surf the web and find all the latest information and webinars available.  Many of us are now taking extra time to field phone calls and emails from concerned pregnant people rethinking their birth choices and maternity care options. Many of us have had to learn new technologies for tele-visits, or want to learn how.  To help use our time effectively, we have put together a list of resources related to COVID-19 and midwifery care.  Download PDF here
  • One-stop shopping lists & resources from our most prominent organizations
  • Consumers, pregnant and lactating people list
  • Providers list
  • Available webinars
Citizens for Midwifery: A thorough resource list and a great place to start when looking for information related to midwifery and COVID-19.  Includes information for consumers and providers. 
National Association of Certified Professional Midwives: A resource page list focused on informing providers. Includes webinars/resources from CDC, ACNM, AABC, ICLA, WHO, MANA and many more.  Also has a list of research studies. Well worth going through the links. 
American College of Nurse Midwives: Giant resource list by date! It covers most relevant topics: webinars, legal issues, pandemic updates, protection for midwives and students, clinical practice guidelines, alternate schedules of care, etc. 
FOR CONSUMERS / PREGNANT / LACTATING PEOPLE: Resources for our clients to have access to reliable information
FOR PROVIDERS: This section is broken down by an organization’s main page related to COVID-19 and then specific and relevant topics they address.
World Health Organization (COVID-19 dedicated website)
AABC TOOLKIT - COVID-19 Helpful information for Birth Centers

Birth Rights Bar Association 



Download PDF here
MANA Director of Professional Development

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