The Time is Now! Advocate the Benefits of Home Birth

The Time is Now! Advocate the Benefits of Home Birth


Everyday now since coronavirus has made its way around the world and into our neighborhoods and media in the USA, there has been panic, worry, stress, and fear. We can chose to find ways to look for the good in humanity that can come of this pandemic or we can get pulled into the vortex of misinformation, fear, and the statistics of unfortunate deaths (mostly occurring in those with prior compromised health.)

For example, I read this in an LA Times article, "The coronavirus has claimed the lives of an infant and a teenager" By Melissa Healy
Staff Writer, March 19, 2020, 4 AM :

"In China, the novel coronavirus has claimed the lives of a 10-month-old and a 14-year-old, at least.The infant’s death was revealed Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. The baby had been suffering from an unrelated condition, a bowel blockage, and was said to have experienced multiple organ failure over four weeks before succumbing to the virus."

It is a fact that some health challenges require hospitalization. 

But what about the healthy babies? Those without anomalies inutero and born free of prior health challenges? Those who will be born in hospitals while in the midst of this pandemic? The thought alone of an infant or mother being exposed during a pandemic without being given the option to consider the alternative of home delivery is unconscionable for me as a Midwife.

That is why I ask my fellow Midwives, birth workers, home birth families, friends and associates who support Midwifery to advocate, encourage and share the news about the benefits of having a home birth during this time of infectious coronavirus outbreaks. 

This is a call to action to look back at the rich history of Midwifery in the United States and our contribution to helping women birth healthy babies at home and out of hospital settings!
While others are deluged in the hopelessness of traumatic decision-making about where to birth their child, debating about whether they can "escape infection" and "birth without anyone else there with [her] due to hospital protocol (ie.,as a mother alone)" I choose to look at a first for media and social media raising interest and spotlighting HOME BIRTH as an option! 


The Washington Post:
Pregnant women consider home births and midwives as hospitals prepare for coronavirus outbreak

The Guardian:
NHS urged to turn hotels into birth centres during crisis

Reason Magazine
Pregnant Moms Scared of COVID-19 in Hospitals Need More Home Birth Options

BBC News
Birth in a pandemic: 'You are stronger than you think'

The Daily Beast
Pregnant People Turning to Home Births During Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic


This is GREAT NEWS! Especially the Washington Post mentioning the words "home birth" and "midwives" in the same sentence as an article header, really encouraging!

So, it is in the Spirit of moving into position, getting the information out there for our future home birth patrons and families, that the many birth workers who attend home births and the advocates at large will UNIFY and promote the safest, oldest maternal health option of care that We so need to end birth disparities and increase the 2% Midwife attended birth population in the United States to that of an ideal 20% home birth and out of hospital birth population attended by Midwives in every community!

Some of You may not know this but ten years ago at a Midwives Alliance Strategic Planning Retreat, in Summertown, Tennessee (2010), Geradine Simkins, MANA President & Interim Executive Director at that time proposed the idea of The 2020 Challenge!

I must say, if there was ever a prophetic occurrence to push that goal into fruition, this moment in time is not coincidental. The year is new and the timing and alignment is undeniable... her last words in that article reads: "The 2020 Challenge: 20,000 midwives, assisting at 20% of all births in the U.S., by the year 2020. We can do it!"

As MANA Vice President, I believe, 'There is no such thing for Midwives as IMPOSSIBLE, only infinite POSSIBILITIES... I celebrate BIRTH! I celebrate this OPPORTUNITY! I celebrate POSSIBILITIES! 

Midwife Tomasina

MANA Vice President


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