MANA 2020 - RISE

 Registration is closed for this event

The conference will offer an amazing mix of ten CEU presentations including panel discussions by leading authors, practitioners and midwifery leaders. The two-day live event on October 27 & 28 will be a place to contribute your voice, as well, with opportunities to participate in facilitated group discussions on hot midwifery topics.

The conference speakers list includes Maria Milton, CPM; Rixa Freeze, PhD; Geradine Simpkins, CNM; and Jennifer Block.  Panel discussions led by board members Tomasina Oliver, CPM, and Wendi Cleckner, CPM will bring in expertise from the greater midwifery community.

As a special offering, a pre-conference workshop with Breech Without Borders, Inc., will be available during the month of October leading to the live event. The two-day presentation by Rixa Freeze, PhD, and David Hayes, MD, will look at the evidence for the safety of upright vaginal breech birth with clear explanation of the physiology of breech mechanics.  For those who purchase both events, the Breech Without Borders event will remain available for viewing throughout the month of November.

The MANA Board heard midwives say that they need affordable, accessible CEUs and is working to answer that call.  Registration opens soon and we hope you will join us.

October 27th, 2020 12:00 AM to October 28th, 2020 12:00 AM