RISE 2020 Updates

COVID 19 remains a part of our daily lives, interrupting school years, workloads, and travel options. Extremism, violence, and chaos dominate the media. Everything is changing.

As summer ends and MANA’s first online conference approaches, the MANA board is grateful to have been able to partner with Gold Learning to create this opportunity. Midwives need continuing education and they need community with each other – those two values were made clear in last year’s survey. We hope that you will join us and give feedback so that we can improve future offerings.

Sarita Bennett, DO, CPM


By now, most if not all of us, have heard of coronavirus. Regardless of which media outlet, news of the coronavirus outbreak has spread faster than the virus itself. Named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization in late January 2020, the disease is being considered an “emergency of international concern”. As it spreads across borders, warnings from federal and state agencies are showing up in my inbox with advice to plan for the “eventuality of community spread”.

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