MANA 2015 Handouts Index

Thank you for your participation in MANA 2015: SHINE!  We will add handouts to this page as the presenters provide them - check back for more in the days to come.

Please note that handouts and presentations are provided (with their written permission to MANA) by the presenters for attendees' personal reference only. Attendees must gain permission in writing from the presenter to reproduce or distribute them in any way. 

Pre-Conference Workshops

Thursday, October 15 - Preconference


1. Birthing Traditions and Ceremony in Mexico and Southwest – Rita Navarrete Perez, Traditional Healer; Tonita Gonzales,  BS/BA Traditional Healer

2. AME Educator's Day – Speakers include Kim Cox, CNM, PhD, FACNM; Wendy Gordon, LM, CPM, MPH; and Justine Clegg, MS, LM, CPM, LMHC


1. BLS CPR for Healthcare ProvidersJennifer West, LM, CPM, CST, CH, TBMP, IPE

2. Miscarriage Management in the Outpatient SettingAmy Levi PhD, CNM, WHNP-BC; Marnie Raelene, MSM Student; Tara Cardinal, CNM, MSN
3. Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum – Demetria Clark, Director Birth Arts International and Heart of Herbs Herbal School


1. Surprise Breech: What To Do, What Not To Do – Jennifer West, LM, CPM, CST, CH, TBMP, IPE; Mary Cooper, IKS

2. IV Therapy for Midwifery Practice – Jaymi McKay, RN, NP, Direct Entry Midwife

3. Resilient Leadership: The Power of Leaders to Produce Social Change – Geradine Simkins, CNM, MSN

4. Perineal Laceration Repair – Lawrence Leeman, MD MPH

Friday, October 16 - Conference Day One

8:30 - 10:00am - Plenary: Perspectives on Risk: MANA DOR's 2015 Research - Missy Cheyney, PhD, CPM, LDM

11:00am -12:30pm - Breakout Sessions Group A 

1. Bipolar Illness and Postpartum Psychosis (Clinical Issues) Tara Tully, CPM, LCSW

2. Medicinal Plants of the Southwest Bioregion (Clinical Issues) Mary Lou Singleton, LM, FNP

3. Homebirth Cesarean: Helping Homebirth Clients and Midwives Prepare, Cope, and Heal from Cesarean Births (General Interest) Courtney Key Jarecki, Author

4. From Midwife to Midwifery Preceptor: Easy Teaching Techniques that Work for Midwives (Educators) Jennifer West, LM, CPM,CST, CH,TBMP,IPE; Anna D. Khamsamran

5. Beyond White Bellies: Reflecting Families of Color in Birth Imagery (Social Justice) Carrie Murphy, Esperanza Dodge

6. What a Little Data Can Do: How Midwives in Washington Are Using Data to Drive Change (Research) Audrey Levine, LM, CPM; Bruce Ackerman, Data Collection Director for the MANA DOR; Valerie Sasson, LM, CPM; Emily Stephens, BA.

1:30 - 2:30pm - Plenary: Umbilical Cord Stories - Navajo Perspective - Ursula Knoki-Wilson, CNM, MSN, MPH

4:30 - 6:00pm - Breakout Sessions Group B

1. Human Placentophagy: Modern Values, Primal Needs  (Clinical Issues) Sarah Hunter, CPM, CH, CQIA

2. Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence: What Every Midwife Needs to Know (Clinical Issues) Christine Ann Kent, RN, BSN

3. AME Presents: Forgotten Midwives: A Better Look at the History of Midwifery (General Interest) Neva Gerke, LM, CPM, MSM; Eve German, LM, CPM, MSM

4. Toronto Birth Centre: An Indigenous and Midwife-Led Space (Social Justice) Cheryllee Bourgeois

5. Outcomes for Planned Home VBACs from the MANA Stats 2.0 Cohort: Implications for Practice and Shared Decision-Making (Research) Kim J. Cox, PhD, CNM; Marit L. Bovbjerg, PhD; Melissa Cheyney, CPM, LDM, PhD; Lawrence M. Leeman, MD, MPH.

6. Darling, We are Growing Older: Silver Threads Among the Gold (General Interest) Karen Ehrlich, CPM, LM

6:15 - 7:15pm - Plenary: AME presents: Direct Assessment and What it Means to the CPM Credential - Justine Clegg, MS, LM, CPM, LMHC; Sandra Bitonti Stewart, MEAC Executive Director; Ida Darragh, LM, CPM, NARM Chairperson; Mary Lawlor, CPM, NHCM, LM, MA

Saturday, October 17 - Conference Day Two

9:00 - 10:30am - Breakout Sessions Group C 

1. Thriving With Homeopathy During Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum (Skills) Angelika Maria Koch, D.N.M. LCH H.N.H.Ir.

2. Now that Marijuana is Legal: Creating an Evidenced Based Conversation About Cannabis Use During the Perinatal Period (Clinical Issues) Heather Thompson, PhD

3. Traditional Medicine: Curanderismo and Childbirth (Global/Skills) Eliseo Torres, Rita Navarrete Perez, Felina Ortiz, CNM, DNP, Tonita Gonzales

4. Birth Story Medicine: How to Excavate and Heal a Birth Story (General Interest) Pam England, MA, CNM

5. US MERA: Update (Educators) Colleen Donovan-Batson, MS, CNM; Vicki Hedley, CPM, CM

6. Risk Management for Adverse Outcomes in the Home Birth setting (Legal) David Pulley

11:30am - 12:30pm - KEYNOTE: Shining a Light on Midwives and Peri-conception Care: As Upstream as Health Gets - Aviva Romm, MD

1:30 - 2:30pm - Plenary: New Mexico Birth Justice Coalition: Improving Access to Home and Birth Center Options in NM - Esperanza Dodge, Tannia Esparza, Nandi Andrea M. Hill, Jessica Frechette-Gutfreund

4:30 - 6:00pm - Breakout Sessions Group D 

1. Bringing Cultural Diversity to Midwifery (Social Justice) Tamara Joy Littles, RN, BSN, SNM; Nandi Andrea M. Hill, LM, CPM; Felina Ortiz, CNM, DNP; Michelle Pino, CNM, MSN; Nichele R. Salazar, CNM, MSN; Brittany K. Simplicio, CNM, MSN; Hien Tran, SNM, RN

2. When You Gotta Go: Hospital Transfers: What's Best Practice and What's the Next Best Thing (Clinical Issues) Audrey Levine, LM, CPM; Jill Breen, CPM; Diane Holzer, PA-C, LM; Lawrence Leeman, MD

3. Introduction to Well Woman Care (Clinical Issues) Hilary Schlinger, CNM, MS

4. Gestational Diabetes Screening: Missing the Point? (Clinical Issues) Sora Colvin, CPM

5. Circumcision Myths and Facts: What Every Midwife Needs to Know to Keep Baby Boys Healthy and Whole (General Interest) Adrienne Cormack, MD

6. Outcomes among Higher-Risk Women Receiving Care from Home and Birth Center Midwives: Evidence from MANA Stats and AABC’s Perinatal Data Registry (Research) Marit Bovbjerg, PhD, MS and Melissa Cheyney, PhD, CPM, LDM

Sunday, October 18 - Conference Day Three

9:00 - 10:30am - Breakout Sessions Group E 

1. Supporting Plus Size Birth (Clinical Issues) Jen McLellan, CBE

2. Worried Waters: Learning about Legionaires (Clinical Issues) Colleen Donovan-Batson, CNM, MS

3. Lyme Disease 101: What Every Midwife Should Know about Tick-Borne Infections (Clinical Issues) Hilary Schlinger, CNM, MS

4. So BABY, Am I Hearing You Right? The Art and Science of Fetal Auscultation: More than a Pulse Check (Skills) Wreatha Carner, DNP, MN, CNM

5. Fostering the Future of Latina Midwifery Care (Global) Vanessa Caldari, Melissa Cheyney, PhD, CPM, LM; Holly Horan; Rita J. Aparicio

6. Hands on Workshop: Managing Obstetrical Emergencies (PPH,shoulder dystocia and unexpected breech) (Skills) Laura Migliaccio, CNM, MSN; Larry Leeman, MD; Rebecca Leeman, CNM; Jaymi McKay, FNP, LM; Claire Bettler, CNM

11:30am - 12:30pm - Plenary: A Bun in the Oven - Barbara Katz Rothman, PhD

1:45 - 2:45pm - Plenary: Medicaid Payment For Homebirth: A Closer Look at the New Mexico Birthing Options Program - Cassaundra Jah, LM, CPM, IBCLC

2:45 - 3:45pm - Plenary: Change Makers Unite: How to Build Lasting, Effective Partnerships Between Midwives and Consumers - Jeanette McCulloch, IBCLC & Nasima Pfaffl, MA