Past MANA Conferences

The Midwives Alliance has been hosting annual conferences as a gathering place for all midwives for over 30 years. This is an honor we take great pride in and strive to provide not only a place for midwives to receive high quality continuing education, but also relaxation, renewal and friendship amongst other midwives and birth workers. The annual conference is hosted in different cities around the U.S. each year in order to be accessible to many midwives.

MANA 2021: Midwifery: Traditions & Transformations

November 8 to November 9 2021

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October 2021 Regional Retreat - CANCELLED

October 22 to October 25 2021

Plymouth Bluff Conference Center Columbus Mississippi

hosted by MANA and Elder Midwives’ Gathering

EMG & Midwives Alliance of North America have joined forces to bring you a retreat/conference to remember!

Join us on the banks of the old Tombigbee River Channel for 4 days of learning and sharing the traditions of Midwifery all while embracing the transformations we will experience.

August 2021 Regional Retreat

August 26 to August 29 2021

Hosted with Carolina Birth Junkies at Camp Canaan in Rock Hill, SC, just 20 minutes south of Charlotte, NC

MANA 2020 - RISE

October 27 to October 28 2020

The MANA Board is excited to announce MANA’s first ever online conference! Rise - MANA2020 will be held October 27-28, 2020.  Prioritizing the responses of midwives to the “MANA is Listening” survey in 2019 while adapting to the challenges brought by 2020, the board is optimizing resources for digital scholarship and CEUs. At the same time, and for the same reasons, the board’s commitment to connecting to members and engaging with all midwives remains steadfast. Look for opportunities ov

Sustain Midwives - MANA19

October 31 to November 3 2019

Austin, TX

MANA 18: Community Birth, Community Midwives

October 11 to October 14 2018

Portland, ME


November 2 to November 5 2017


Long Beach, California

MANA 2016

October 13 to October 16 2016


Atlanta, Georgia

MANA 2015

October 15 to October 18 2015


Albuquerque, New Mexico

MANA 2014

October 23 to October 26 2014

"The Spirit of Midwifery"

St. Louis, Missouri

MANA 2013

October 24 to October 27 2013

"Birthing Social Change"

Portland, Oregon

MANA 2012

September 27 to September 30 2012

"Celebrate! 30 Years of the Midwives Alliance"

Asilomar, California

MANA 2011

November 9 to November 12 2011

"Beyond Boundaries: Midwifery's First Joint North American Convention"

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

MANA 2010

October 14 to October 17 2010

"Returning to our Roots, Sowing Seeds for our Future"

Nashville, Tennessee

MANA 2009

October 22 to October 25 2009

"Rising Tide: Women, Midwives, and the Future"

Asilomar, California

MANA 2008

October 16 to October 19 2008


Traverse City, Michigan

MANA 2007

October 19 to October 21 2007

"Midwives: Ancient Tradition - Modern Solution"

Clearwater Beach, Florida 

MANA 2006

October 13 to October 15 2006


Baltimore, Maryland

MANA 2005

September 30 to October 2 2005

"Standing Tall; Growing Together"

Boulder, Colorado

MANA 2004

October 15 to October 17 2004

"Midwifery: A Bridge to the Sacred"

Portland, Oregon

MANA 2003

October 31 to November 2 2003

"Peaceful Birth; Peaceful World"

Austin, Texas

MANA 2002

October 24 to October 27 2002

"Growing the Midwifery Community: Harvesting the Fruits of our Labors"

Wakefield, Massachusetts

MANA 2001

September 20 to September 23 2001

"A Midwifery Odyssey"

Albuquerque, New Mexico

MANA 2000

November 10 to November 12 2000

"Bringing Midwifery into the Light"

Clearwater Beach, Florida

MANA 1999

November 11 to November 14 1999

"Sharing Visions; Finding Common Ground"

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

MANA 1998

November 12 to November 15 1998

"Midwifery in the Mainstream: Working Together to Chart our Course for the Future"

Traverse City, Michigan

MANA 1997

October 30 to November 2 1997

"A Midwife for Every Mother"

Seattle, Washington

MANA 1996

September 27 to September 29 1996

"Flowing from our Sources / Navegando las Corrientes"

Austin, Texas

MANA 1995

November 9 to November 13 1995

"Midwives: Preserving the Tradition, Lighting the Way"

Phoenix, Arizona

MANA 1994

September 30 to October 2 1994

"Reclaiming the Fire: Honoring the International Year of the Midwife"

Chicago, Illinois

MANA 1993

October 15 to October 17 1993

"Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope
Hilando Historias, Tejiendo Esperanza"

San Francisco, California

MANA 1992

November 13 1992

"Creating Unity: Supporting Diversity"

New York City, New York

MANA 1991

November 2 to November 4 1991

"Sisters on A Journey: Preserving Traditions
Hermanas en Camino: Preservando Tradiciones"

El Paso, Texas

MANA 1990

November 2 to November 4 1990

"Strengthening the Family Through Midwifery"

Kansas City, Missouri

MANA 1989

November 2 to November 5 1989

"Midwifery in the Community"

Boston, Massachusetts

MANA 1988

October 27 to October 30 1988

New Orleans, Louisiana

MANA 1987

October 24 to October 27 1987

"Giving Birth to Tomorrow"

Denver, Colorado

MANA 1986

October 16 to October 19 1986

"Visions of the Future: Midwifery in Transition"

Wheeling, West Virginia