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MANA believes that all midwives matter!

The Community Partner program is MANA’s new program designed to provide opportunities for states to connect with other Community Partner states, as well as national leaders and associations. Partnership begins with the understanding that each state is different. At the same time, state groups benefit from the support of their national association as they develop strong state- level leadership to function within their current local political and regulatory situation. MANA’s role is to champion autonomous midwifery; to listen to individual states and bring the concerns of local midwives – regardless of credential — to the national table. Partnership provides leadership mentoring and collaboration on state legislative efforts and national issues, enabling improved representation of state concerns within a national framework.

For states that are struggling with regulation, becoming a MANA Community Partner opens pathways to benefit from the experience of other states in their struggle for recognition. We feel this is a pressing need during this time of midwifery progress and change. Community partnership creates platforms for individual state leadership to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of leaders.
Among the benefits MANA provides our Community Partners are:

  • Avenues for state associations to work with MANA’s Communications Team to feature legislative activities via social media or our website.
  • Space at the national conference for state leaders to gather and share information through participation in events such as state legislative meetings, panels, and trainings; or other leadership workshops.
  • Regular calls for state leaders to check in with other state and national leaders.
  • Inclusion in a group email listserve for Community Partners in order to facilitate regular and timely communication.
  • Listing on the MANA website as partners in midwifery work

MANA is respectful of the fact that not all midwives in our country have equal rights to practice, or equal access to education and the profession. Until all midwives can equally access the credential of their choosing, MANA will continue to recognize that regulation and education are diverse and that this diversity is important to the future of midwifery.

All state midwifery groups and organizations are invited to champion autonomous midwifery as a united profession by becoming a partner in our community of midwives.

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