Dignity Birth Campaign

Dignity Birth Campaign
The Dignity Birth Campaign is a global initiative to bring back justice, compassion and healing for midwives.
MANA President and activist Marinah Farrell, and Compassionate Birth Founder Robyn Sheldon, along with a team of six people from the U.S and South Africa have linked with professional midwifery organizations and associations at the community, national and international level to address the problem of the current dis-empowerment and dehumanization of midwives in the health care system. Under the guidance of CoreAlign who is facilitating the planning, innovation and ideology, and implementation of the project, Dignity Birth Campaign is working to prevent the transfer of this disempowerment and dehumanization from midwives to the clients they serve through training and support. The long term goal is to have a far reaching and potentially powerful impact on maternity systems and the reproductive movement as a whole through teaching dignified and compassionate care for and by midwives.  

The first project of the Dignity Birth Campaign was a webinar for US and South African midwives in August 2016. Entitled Full Dilation of the Heart: Helping midwives bring love back into birth, midwives around the world joined together to share stories, learn techniques for self-care and healing, and move trauma into action.

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