Tools for Advocacy

Key fact sheets, policy statements, and documents that advocates find useful in promoting and talking about midwifery.

About MANA's Homebirth Study by CfM

MANA Home Birth Data 2004-2009: Consumer Considerations By: Lauren Korfine, PhD

Homebirth Study One-page Fact Sheet

New home birth study from the MANA Statistics Dataset shows that Planned Home Birth with Skilled Midwives is Safe for Low-Risk Pregnancies

Transforming Maternity Care- Payment Reform

One of the biggest opportunities for reducing healthcare costs is improving the quality of maternity care. For most businesses, childbirth and newborn care is the largest or second largest (after heart care) category of hospital expenditures, and it's by far the largest category of hospital expenditures for state Medicaid programs, so even small improvements can result in large savings.

Policymakers Can Make a Difference

Policymakers can help promote safe, healthy childbirth experiences for women and babies in the United States with wiser use of resources.

A fact sheet from the National Partnership for Women and Families

Social Media & Networking

In the 21st century, it is clear that if the midwifery profession hopes to reach the next generation of childbearing age women, we need to be online to meet them

Blueprint for Action

Childbirth Connection took the lead in engaging multiple stakeholders from across the U.S. healthcare system to design a framework for revamping maternity care in the United States and advancing healthcare reform in this arena.

Midwives Save Lives

International Confederation of Midwives infographic on the importance of increasing the global midwifery workforce.