Transforming Maternity Care- Payment Reform

The Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform 

The Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform (CHQPR) is a national policy center that facilitates improvements in healthcare payment and delivery systems. Since its founding in 2008, CHQPR has become a nationally-recognized source of unbiased information and assistance on payment and delivery reform. CHQPR's publications are among the most widely used and highly regarded resources on payment reform and accountable care in the country. CHQPR has provided information and technical assistance to Congress, to federal agencies such as CMS and MedPAC, to national organizations such as the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association, and to physicians, hospitals, employers, health plans, and government agencies in more than 30 states and metropolitan regions to help them design and implement successful payment and delivery system reforms.

How Payment Reform Can Lower Costs and Improve Quality 

One of the biggest opportunities for reducing healthcare costs is improving the quality of maternity care. For most businesses, childbirth and newborn care is the largest or second largest (after heart care) category of hospital expenditures, and it's by far the largest category of hospital expenditures for state Medicaid programs, so even small improvements can result in large savings.

A major contributor to all of these problems is the way health plans and Medicaid typically pay for maternity care. An explanation of the problems caused by current payment systems and the types of maternity care payment reforms that would solve them are described in the presentation Transforming Maternity Care: How Payment Reform can Lower Costs and Improve Quality 

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