Pre-Convention Workshops


Thursday October 23, 2014; Pre-Con Day

Full Day Sessions, 8 am to 6 pm Note, there is a 2 hour break for lunch from 12-2 pm. Note: there will not be a NARM Written Exam at MANA 2014.

  1. Is Accreditation Right For My School? Creativity, Quality, and Accountability in Midwifery Education through MEAC Accreditation—Sandra Bitonti Stewart; Karin Borgerson MBA— Becoming accredited is essential for access to federal student aid funds, attracting top-quality faculty and students, elevating the school's academic reputation, and promoting the profession of direct-entry midwifery. Participants will learn the fundamentals of MEAC accreditation and become prepared to begin the process with MEAC. Topics include: the accreditation process, standards, and the responsibilities and benefits of becoming a MEAC member school. Training will include hands-on work with accreditation tools and preparing an application. [0.8 CEU/ MEAC Approved ACNM/Applied] —$300
  2. Join the Team! Volunteer Training with the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council—Jessica Kelly-Shaieb JD—Peer review is the foundation of accreditation. Participants will learn the fundamentals of the MEAC accreditation process to become Accreditation Review Committee members. Topics include: the accreditation process, standards, and the role and responsibilities of volunteers. The day will conclude with hands-on work with accreditation tools and a case study. [0.8 CEU/ MEAC Approved ACNM/Applied] —free
  3. The Business of Birthing a Midwifery Practice—Augustine Colebook CPM, LM—Come and explore the ins and outs, how’s and whys of taking your education and turning it into a sustainable business. From advertising to filing taxes; from business licenses to record keeping, come ready to create your business plan and launch your midwifery business. We will create step-by-step action items for each participant. [0.8 CEU/ MEAC Approved ACNM/Applied] —$150
  4. NRP: Technical Skills Applied to Out-of-Hospital Births—Pam White—This class focuses on the concepts of Neonatal Resuscitation to help the care provider understand and retain knowledge of skills necessary for a situation that may not arise frequently in a practice. Pam strives to conduct class in a comfortable atmosphere where all participants are active in the learning process and leave feeling confident in their resuscitation skills. The session will include discussion and use of equipment, shared experiences, and value of communication and debriefing. Skills practice sessions with scenarios relative to out of hospital settings will allow the participant to hone skills and increase understanding of the entire process of resuscitation for better recall in the future. Pam will share unique methods of keeping track of times and knowing when to implement the appropriate skills needed. After demonstrating knowledge of resuscitation skills and how to correctly implement them, participant will receive a card which recognizes training for a 2 year duration.[No CEUs] —$150
  5. Suturing (plus $35 kit fee due on-site)—Lynn Arnold—Participants will learn to recognize and evaluate pelvic floor anatomy, demonstrate appropriate suturing skills including equipment, sterile technique, approximating the wound; Discussion of wound types, need for repair, informed consent, and after care. [0.8 CEU/ MEAC Applied ACNM/Applied] —$180

Half Day Morning Sessions, 8 pm to 12 pm

  1. Delivering Culturally Safe Care—Jessica Danforth & Krysta Williams of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network —This interactive workshop will introduce the concept of ‘cultural safety’ as it relates to the intersectional work of midwifery and the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice. While midwifery is largely associated solely with birth in the mainstream - many Indigenous traditional understandings of midwifery are much more holistic and refer to the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health throughout the lifespan, as well as upholding our human rights and addressing injustices we face like violence, discrimination and the impacts of colonization. Similarly, frameworks of birth and reproductive justice can be beneficial in understanding our roles in contemporary contexts.
    Presented by the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, an organization by and for Native youth that works across issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice throughout the United States and Canada. [0.4 CEU/ MEAC Approved ACNM/Applied] —FREE
  2. Homeopathy for Midwives—MJ Hanafin CNM D.Hom—Participants will gain a basic understanding of the theory of homeopathy, recognize and choose remedies for common symptoms that can be treated by homeopathy during the intrapartum and postpartum periods, following homeopathic principles and guidelines. Will discuss how to obtain or make up a Homeopathic Midwifery Kit. [0.4 CEU/ MEAC Approved ACNM/Applied] —$75

Lunch Break from 12-2pm.

Half Day Afternoon Sessions, 2 pm to 6 pm

  1. Just Announced: FREE Student Skills Workshop, Hosted by Missouri Midwives—The Student Skills Workshop is a free half-day workshop for student midwives. (Thursday, Oct 23, 2-6pm) Students will have the opportunity to have hands-on clinical training with local Missouri midwives. The workshop will cover the topics of basic IV skills, estimated blood loss, maternal vital signs, fetal heart tones and palpation, and newborn exam. This workshop is perfect for both beginning and advanced students. Please email Susan at with any questions or to reserve your spot! 
  2. Osteopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and the Newborn—Sarita Bennett DO, CPM—The foundation for Osteopathy in Pregnancy, Birth and the Newborn is the understanding that pregnancy and birth are primal functions that are necessary for the survival of the species. Combining this understanding with the Osteopathic doctrines that structure and function are one and that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself, this presentation walks the participant through normal physiology, and explores simple hands-on techniques that can help return physiology to normal when imbalance occurs. The participants will have an opportunity to practice and become comfortable with subtle palpation skills that are easily applied to ease pregnancy discomforts, facilitate optimal fetal position, calm the autonomic nervous system, and treat newborn breastfeeding difficulties. [0.4 CEU/ MEAC Approved ACNM/Applied] —$75
  3. Birth Your Online Presence—Jeanette McCulloch IBCLC—Reaching mothers today means interacting with them online. Bring your laptop or tablet! Jeanette McCulloch, an experienced social media expert with birth business know-how, will be your digital doula for this interactive session. Together, we will demystify the process of using the internet for marketing your birth business. You’ll leave confident that you can reach your audience online, even if you are new to social media tools like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. [0.4 CEU/ MEAC Applied ACNM/Applied] —$75

    • In this hands-on, interactive session, you will:
    • Develop an online marketing plan tailored to your practice, including tools to decide which platforms are right for you
    • Establish routines to help manage your time and resources
    • Create strategies for managing common concerns, such as handling conflict, copyright issues and privacy concerns
    • Tap into resources for developing and expanding your web presence 

Join us from 8:00-9:00 pm for the Convention Opening Ceremonies with a Cocktail Reception in the Exhibit Hall to follow!

Please note that meals are not provided on Thursday, but there is a 2 hour lunch break scheduled to dine on your own in the hotel restaurants or nearby.

Last updated: September 28, 2014.  Schedule subject to change.