MANA President

I apologize for the harm created by my words in the President’s Report, published in the MANA Newsletter on January 19, 2021. It has since been revised. I spoke with the privilege of being white when interacting with people who actively worked to propagate the violence of neo-Nazi ideology based on a belief of white race supremacy and anti-semitism. My words trivialized that evil which resulted in pain to the people who have been most impacted by it. I am grateful for their admonishment and deeply apologize for the injury.


“You row forward looking back, and telling this history is part of helping people navigate toward the future. We need a litany, a rosary, a sutra, a mantra, a war chant for our victories. The past is set in daylight, and it can become a torch we can carry into the night that is the future.” - Rebecca Solnit

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