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Into These Hands: Geraldine Simkins

Into These Hands: Wisdom from Midwives

A complete view of midwifery including history, health care, benefits vs. hospital births, edited by Geraldine Simkins.
300 pages, paperback
Published 2011

Hannah Delivered by Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew

Hannah, Delivered

a Novel by Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew
Late one night in a busy St. Paul hospital, a nurse-midwife drags Hannah Larson out from behind her reception desk to assist with a birth. When Hannah witnesses that baby tumble into the world, her secure, conventional life is upended by a fierce desire to deliver babies. So begins Hannah's journey away from her comfort zone. In a midwifery apprenticeship in New Mexico, she befriends a male midwife, defends a teenage mom, and learns to trust women's bodies, then moves back to Minnesota to start her own illicit birth practice. Hannah's need to stay safe proves both an asset and a liability; home birth isn't legal in Minnesota in the 1990's. To deliver healthy babies, Hannah risks jail time, her community's respect, and her career. The key to unlocking her fear rests in one birth---her own. "Hannah, Delivered" tells the story of how inexplicable passion, buried strength, and professional skill delivers one woman from fear into a rich and risk-filled life. (Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew)

The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook: A Guide to Gender

The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook: A Guide to Gender

by Sam Killerman
Paperback: 250 pages.
Published 2013
A book about gender with no mention of the word "hegemony," but plenty of references to Star Wars, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek-- with less of a focus on overwhelming scholarship and more of a focus on enjoyable learning. This is a book about gender, but it’s not “a book about gender.” It’s not overwhelming, it’s not overly complicated, and it’s not exhausting to read. It is a couple hundred pages of gender exploration, social justice how-tos, practical resources, and fun graphics & comics. It offers clear, easily-digested, and practical explanations of one of the most commonly misunderstood things about people. Sam dissects gender using a comprehensive, non-binary toolkit, with a focus on making this subject accessible and enjoyable. All this to help you understand something that is so commonly misunderstood, but something we all think we get: gender. The book helps individuals better understand gender themselves (their gender and others'), and is a great resource for folks who are doing gender education work with others. Because gender is something we all deserve to understand.

Circle of Midwives Schlinger

Circle Of Midwives

by Hilary Schlinger

Midwives Alliance of North America Nutritional Handouts

Nutritional Handouts


Woman's Cycle Calendar


It's My Body, My Baby, My Birth DVD

It's My Body, My Baby, My Birth is an educational childbirth film that tells the story of 7 mothers and their emotional journeys to natural childbirth.
The story is enhanced with footage of partners and the roles of Licensed Midwife Maria Iorillo, Certified Nurse Midwife Yeshi Neumann, childbirth educator Jane Austin and Laura Norrell, Obstetrician. Through story telling and photos, we hear the mothers' stories. Elain had a cesarean section for her first birth; Earth wants to be at home for community and comfort. Ann switches to a birthing center in the last month of her pregnancy. Maya has a water birth. Partners express their fears and concerns, ultimately transforming as well. These are just a few of the stories that you will hear in this powerful and compelling film. Natural Childbirth -- empowering, amazing, beautiful. Come see for yourself!


The Face of Birth DVD

The Face of Birth has been described as "The finest educational and inspirational film on the subject of childbirth".
It is the first DVD in a three-DVD series.


Birth Stories DVD

This DVD features empowering birth stories from 9 women who choose different models of care.

This interactive DVD includes 9 short films ranging in duration from 8 - 20mins. Select an individual birth story or use the play all function to view the complete series as a single film.

Featuring over 110 minutes of content, including previously unseen, extended-interview footage, this film is a must see for anyone expecting a baby, birth professionals or people who just love a good birth story.

Meet the Experts DVD

Meet the Experts

This interactive DVD gives unprecedented access to some of the world’s top childbirth experts. Featuring over 230 minutes of footage, you can choose from over 100 topics as experts from Australia, the UK and the USA share their knowledge and expertise. Watch a whole interview from your favourite expert or browse the extensive array of topics via the menu. Informative, challenging and inspiring, this series of interviews is a great resource for maternity professionals, and is instructive viewing for anyone interested in evidence-based birthing practices today.

Length: 230 minutes

Origin: Australia 2012