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MANA is unique and innovative in that it is the only professional midwifery organization in the U.S. that is inclusive of all midwives regardless of their educational route to midwifery. MANA supports the diversity in educational backgrounds and practice styles within the profession as a means of making midwifery available to more women and their families. If you are a midwife, MANA can provide you with a forum for professional dialog with your peers about practice and political issues you face daily. We appreciate your support and patronage. Please note, as a professional membership organization, the Midwives Alliance does not issue refunds on membership. 

MANA Mission Statement, revised Spring, 2020

The mission of the Midwives Alliance of North America is to unite, strengthen, support and advocate for the midwifery community and to promote educational, economic, and cultural sustainability of the midwifery profession.

MANA Vision Statement, revised Spring, 2020

The Midwives Alliance of North America envisions Midwifery as a thriving, diverse, autonomous profession in service to families throughout North America.

Goals of MANA

  • To expand communication and support among North American midwives
  • To form an identifiable and cohesive organization representing the profession of midwifery on a regional, national, and international basis.
  • To promote guidelines for the education of midwives and to assist in the development of midwifery education programs
  • To promote research in the field of midwifery as a quality health care option
  • To promote and support a woman's right to choose her care provider and place of birth
  • To promote public education and midwifery advocacy

The Midwives Alliance is a professional membership organization. We invite you to join MANA as a member now. We welcome all practicing and retired midwives, as well as students and midwifery advocates as valued voices in the organization. As a member of the Midwives Alliance you are promoting the work that supports midwives, women, and babies around the world. This includes:

  • Preserving the art and science of midwifery,
  • Advocating for maternity care policy reform
  • Supporting and unifying midwives
  • Endorsing a woman-centered maternity care model
  • Preserving normal birth practices
  • Raising public awareness about the midwifery model of care
  • Accessing professional development and continuing education
  • Participating in data collection and research on midwifery care in the out of hospital setting
  • Addressing disparities for women and babies in maternity care
  • Increasing the midwifery workforce to meet the 2020 Challenge
  • and more!

Members and non-members alike benefit from MANA's multi-level activities, but we need the support of the midwifery community and advocates to make it all happen! Please help us spread the word to midwives in your community and join together as a team to advance the profession of midwifery and health of mothers, babies, families, and communities.

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MANA Member Benefits

As a member of the Midwives Alliance you are promoting the work that supports midwives, women, and babies around the world. Additionally, members of the Midwives Alliance enjoy discounts and other valuable benefits.

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