2017 Election Results

Midwives Alliance of North America 2017 Elections Results

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Voting was very close in this election, reflecting the high quality of all candidates involved. The Board of Directors thanks Hilary Schlinger, CNM, MS, CPM (retired) for her continuing support of MANA and of midwifery as a whole. We are very grateful that we still have the knowledge, experience, and wise council of Sarita Bennett, DO, CPM, who remains in her role of Vice President.


The Director of the Division of Public Affairs is responsible for outreach to the broader world.  The Director will communicate with media, MANA members, and the general public about events both within the organization and in the larger world of midwifery and maternal child health, helping to ensure that midwives will become widely known and respected in the United States and internationally as quality health care providers.

Treesa Mclean, LM, CPM
Treesa Mclean has been a member of the birth community her whole adult life, from volunteering at BirthWays (in 1982) her local birth resource center, being a doula for over 20 years to finally becoming a midwife and midwifery preceptor. She has a strong interest in access midwifery education for all students and access to midwifery care across California and America.

Treesa has served on the boards of California Association of Midwives, Midwives Alliance of North America, and BirthWays. She is a cofounder and the current VP of California Families for Access to Midwives.

Treesa co-owns Bay Area Midwifery Birth Center and has a homebirth practice in Oakland. She currently teaches Becoming a Midwife, a midwifery study group and has two student midwives involved in her practice.

Treesa's sense of community, independence, direct communication and confidentiality guide her in her midwifery practice, while teaching and as a member of the larger community. She believes strongly in transparency of communication and access to resources with in our midwifery institutions.



The Director of the Division of Professional Development is responsible for overseeing the development of the profession of midwifery within the organization, maintaining MANA’s strong voice of expertise regarding the Midwifery Model of Care and normal physiologic birth, and impacting policy through the dissemination of transformative research findings.

Jaqxun Darlin, CPM, LDM
I began my journey to midwifery after nearly 15 years of grass roots organizing in community health. My work ranged from women's health clinics to harm reduction programs to organizing conferences about sexual health. Midwifery is my path to address the disparities in access and equity to healthcare in the US. Along with my homebirth practice, I have developed workshops for midwives and other health professionals with a focus on promoting the midwifery model of care, accessibility, and cultural sensitivity.  As Director of Professional Development, I will work tirelessly to promote the benefits of midwifery care in all settings. My background as an educator, community health activist, and midwifery education advocate makes me a great fit for this position on the MANA board. I look forward to serving the entire community of midwives and all of the families that benefit from our care.



The President’s primary roles are to provide leadership for the Board of Directors and participate in the governance of the organization.  As “chief volunteer”, the President works with the board, staff and community to further the organization’s vision and mission, co-facilitate the actualization of the strategic plan, provide guidance in the creation and implementation of policies and procedures, oversee programs and projects, and delegate tasks in order to accomplish Board and organizational activities. The President influences how the board uses its time, the selection of board members and its future leadership. The President is an ex officio member of all committees, sections, and divisions.

Vicki Hedley, LM, CPM, CM
I have been a MANA member since 1999, when as a midwife "wannabe" I was inspired by MANA activist Linda McHale, who taught me not only how to be "with woman", but the importance of "the midwifery movement." In 2008, preceptors Valeriana and Martha blessed my hands and I have since received hundreds of babies. Since May 2013, I have had the pleasure and privilege of serving on the MANA board, learning leadership skills from Gera, Colleen, Sarita, and especially Marinah.

The position of treasurer has given me an overview of and experience with virtually every aspect of MANA; daily operations, conference, collaboratives including US MERA, work with Allied organizations, engagement with States, our new Division of Access & Equity, and particularly the Division of Research, all of which I feel has prepared me well to move into the role of president. I love the vision, mission, and membership of MANA. I would be honored to serve as president and with your help to nurture the growth of our profession in service to birthing families.