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MANA Election 2021

Thank you members of MANA for allowing me to serve as Vice President of MANA during the RISE 2020 and TRANSITIONS 2021 eras of this organization. 

And thank You MANA BOARD! It has been one of my greatest accomplishments to be present on this Board of Directors.

About this time last March 2020, I was appointed as the Vice President of MANA. I volunteered to uphold the office as described in the Policy & Procedure Manual which is the tool that governs and guides this board.

As MANA’s Vice President, I was responsible for:

MANA's Secretary position is open for nominations

To the Membership of Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA),

MANA Stats Project Update

The MANA Board is excited to be making progress on transitioning the MANA Statistics project into an improved business model that will continue to protect contributor identity, meet individual midwifery practice needs, and maintain integrity of the data for IRB research.

Proposed Texas Legislation 2021

It seems like it has always been legal to practice midwifery in Texas.  Before it was part of the United States of America, the Spanish Governor of Texas licensed midwives as early as 1806. Even as late as 1900 more than half of the births in the state (and in some counties more than ⅔) were attended by midwives. 

RISE 2020 – What We Learned

MANA’s first venture into the world of online conferences was filled with the uncertainty and excitement that comes with trying new things.  Board members stepped up to learn the technology needed to bring MANA into the digital age as they recorded their reports for the annual business meeting, which is currently being made available in the Members Only section of the MANA website.

RISE Conference – Registration Remains Open

MANA’s RISE 2020 online conference was a success! We want to thank everyone who registered for the live webinars and discussions.
By request, we decided to keep registration open through the month of November. If you enjoyed the sessions and know others who would benefit from the topics and discussions, let them know that they can register here for 12 CEU hours with Breech Without Borders and another 10 CEU hours with a variety of experts on midwifery topics.

MANA-RISE2020 Online Conference Starts Tomorrow!

Title: MANA-RISE2020 Online Conference Starts Tomorrow!

RISE 2020 Updates

COVID 19 remains a part of our daily lives, interrupting school years, workloads, and travel options. Extremism, violence, and chaos dominate the media. Everything is changing.

As summer ends and MANA’s first online conference approaches, the MANA board is grateful to have been able to partner with Gold Learning to create this opportunity. Midwives need continuing education and they need community with each other – those two values were made clear in last year’s survey. We hope that you will join us and give feedback so that we can improve future offerings.

Call for Proposals 2019

Have you been working on research or a project that you’d like to share with the midwifery community? Are you an expert in your field and have a presentation pertaining to the midwifery profession that will interest and educate midwives on an important topic? If so, the MANA Program Committee invites your abstract proposals. Learn more and submit an abstract here.

Nominations Open for 2020 Board Elections

Nominations are being accepted for the following positions on the MANA Board. 

All nominees must be current voting members. Click here to read full job description for each open position on the MANA Board page.

Director of Public Affairs
Director of Professional Development

President (must have previous MANA Board experience)

Make your nomination online HERE