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RISE 2020 Updates

COVID 19 remains a part of our daily lives, interrupting school years, workloads, and travel options. Extremism, violence, and chaos dominate the media. Everything is changing.

As summer ends and MANA’s first online conference approaches, the MANA board is grateful to have been able to partner with Gold Learning to create this opportunity. Midwives need continuing education and they need community with each other – those two values were made clear in last year’s survey. We hope that you will join us and give feedback so that we can improve future offerings.

RISE - MANA2020 Registration is Live!

MANA #RISE2020 is an online conference produced by the Midwives Alliance of the North America on the GOLD Learning platform. The Pre-recorded pre-conference Workshop by Breech Without Borders is a two-day offering that is eligible for 12 CEUs and will be available throughout the month of October with additional availability through November for those who also register for the live conference. The live conference will be held on October 27 and 28, 2020, and will include 10 CEU eligible presentations and 6 interactive discussion options.

Interview with Sarita Bennett, MANA President - The Safety of Midwifery and Community Birth

Requests for interviews have become a regular occurrence at MANA since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with reporters interested in exploring the increased numbers of people choosing home birth.  Sarita, MANA’s president, is committed to taking the midwifery message beyond the limited “preaching to the choir” and has been interviewed by a variety of media outlets ranging from the New York Times and Business Insider to the Christian Science Monitor.  In this recorded interview, Sarita speaks with Gary Baumgarten on Fox News Radio about the safety of midwifery and community b

RISE – Speakers for the Online Conference


Exciting plans for the 2020 RISE Online MANA Conference are moving through the first phase; the speakers are confirmed and completion of CEU applications is up next.  The conference will offer an amazing mix of ten CEU presentations including panel discussions by leading authors, practitioners and midwifery leaders. The two-day live event on October 27 & 28 will be a place to contribute your voice, as well, with opportunities to participate in facilitated group discussions on hot midwifery topics.

Community Midwifery Rises in Oklahoma!


The Legislative Effort in Illinois


MANA's Black Solidarity Statement


MANA Regional Conference

MANA Regional Conference

Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center Columbus, MS

April 9-11, 2021


Midwifery: Our History - Our Present - Our Future

Midwifery is every woman’s history; her grandmothers were attended by Midwives and they, themselves, were Midwives. Midwifery is our present; we desire to give and receive compassionate, consistent, care. Midwifery is our future; how do we assure it continues to our own daughters and their families.

Rising to the Occasion - MANA's First Online Conference

The MANA Board is excited to announce MANA’s first ever online conference! Rise - MANA2020 will be held October 27-28, 2020.  Prioritizing the responses of midwives to the “MANA is Listening” survey in 2019 while adapting to the challenges brought by 2020, the board is optimizing resources for digital scholarship and CEUs. At the same time, and for the same reasons, the board’s commitment to connecting to members and engaging with all midwives remains steadfast. Look for opportunities ov

MANA Board of Directors Update - Spring 2020

The MANA board has experienced some big changes and growth that we'd like to share with our community. We are very sorry to have seen several well known and beloved members resign in 2020, including Vicki Hedley, David Carter-Plake, and Claudia Breglia. Their dedication to MANA and the countless hours of volunteer work contributed is truly appreciated. They will be missed and we wish them all the very best in their individual endeavors.