Community Midwifery Rises in Oklahoma!


Community Midwifery continues to gain momentum in the US as (my home state of) Oklahoma joins the growing list of states where community midwives can become licensed as autonomous providers. Both CPMs and CMs will be eligible for licensure under the new law, Shephard's Law SB1824, and traditional birth attendants will also be able to continue their practices. The law was passed in a single session, a feat that can largely be attributed to the incredible teamwork manifested between consumers, legislators, and midwives. Working together, we crafted language that was supported by a multitude of diverse communities!

My own favorite aspect of the process was watching midwives from all around the state, and with beautifully distinct points-of-view, work together to present a united front toward positive change. There is, indeed, significant strength in unity!

Going forward, the Oklahoma Midwives plan to continue to work in whatever ways are necessary to assist the advisory committee during the rulemaking process, and to continue to place a strong focus on protecting consumer choice and provider autonomy. We anticipate that the spirit of teamwork enjoyed during the legislative process will continue to guide us through this continuing journey.

Read more from the Oklahoma Senate: Senate approves Shepherd’s Law; provides for licensure of midwives


Sarah Foster, CPM, LM

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