FAQ: MANA Stats Plus Migration

FAQ: MANA Stats Plus Migration

Why a new MANA Stats?

The MANA Statistics Project web site was originally created by Harris-Braun Enterprises and Bruce Ackerman. The first site was launched in November 2004 with a second version released in 2009. In early 2009, the site launched a new data form developed using a Community Based Participatory Research model. Despite every effort to maintain the technology, the current interface is aging. So, in 2022, the Midwives Alliance of North America secured the future of MANA stats through the creation of a new modernized interface with the expertise of Fred and Amanda Teye. This update, along with your support through membership, will allow MANA to secure the project far into the future.

What is MANA Stats Plus?

MANA Stats Plus has all the functionality of MANA Stats, including full adoption of the validated 4.0 birth form, PLUS more new tools for efficient utilization.

What is the migration timeline?

May 31st is the last day to enter data into manastats.org. This was a natural cut-off point since it is the deadline to complete your 2021 forms. From June 1st through June 6th we ask that you not enter any data into either platform, as the migration process may cause one or both platforms to become less stable. On June 7th you can access your MANA Stats account by logging in to manastatsplus.org and entering your current user name (or email) and password.

Will all of my MANA Stats data be migrated to MANA Stats Plus?

Yes. This is actually a trick question since the data will not be changed at all. However, all users and every 4.0 birth form in MANA Stats is being migrated so that it can be accessed through the new MANA Stats Plus interface.

I have never used MANA Stats, can I register at MANA Stats Plus?

If you are new to the MANA Stats registry and have NEVER had an active account with MANA Stats, you can visit manastatsplus.org to create a new user account.

How do I know if I should create a new account or use my old MANA Stats account?

If you have ever created a MANA Stats account at www.manastats.org your data will stay with you in MANA Stats Plus. After June 7th, you can use your existing account username and password to log-in to manastatsplus.org. Or, you can use your existing account email address. If you are an existing user, do not create a new account. If you create a new account, your old data will not be associated with to your new account. In addition, MANA cannot guarantee your old MANA Stats account will be saved and accessible in the future.

What if I can’t remember the email address or username and password I used for MANA Stats?

If you cannot remember the email you used to register in www.manastats.org reach out to MANA directly and provide your full name, address, your existing MANA Stats email address, and your existing MANA Stats username. MANA will search for your account and may be able to give you information about the email associated with that account. If you cannot remember your email password, you will need to take steps to reset your password with your email provider.

I have multiple accounts in MANA Stats associated with the same email address. Which one should I use?

For security reasons, multiple accounts can no longer be associated with a single email address. If you have multiple accounts associated with the same address, you should start by attempting to recover each account using your current username and password. You will be prompted to verify your email and reset your password for future use. To recovery any additional accounts you will need the username and password of each account.

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