How to Build Understanding and Empathy with Millennial Families: A webinar with Jeanette McCulloch and Amber McCann

MANA members and #MANACAM17 attendees are invited to view this webinar which was recorded on January 25, 2018.

About one in four Millennials is a parent already, and in the next ten to fifteen years, Millennial women will give birth at the rate of roughly 10,000 per day. Our attitudes about Millennials are often marked by stereotypes (“everyone gets a trophy!”) that get in the way of effectively marketing to, educating, and providing care to the fastest growing group of parents in the US. Like all generations, Millennials have been deeply influenced by the moment in history in which they’ve been raised, from the rise of personal technology to “girl power” to 9/11 and Columbine. As a result of their life experiences, Millennials deeply value parenting, community, and sharing information. They prefer to co-create rather than be led by an expert. They value individual tolerance, social responsibility, and expect brands to reflect their values. Meanwhile, social media is no longer an “emerging media” and is now traditional media. The ways many learned to share information are rapidly falling out of use. In this presentation, we will learn about the unique values, communication styles, learning preferences, and buying habits of Millennials. We’ll also address some common friction points between Millennials and other generations, with the goal of developing a self-awareness that can help us provide the best possible care. We will also learn how to apply our knowledge of Millennial values and communications styles to understanding how we can best find Millennials as clients, teach in the way they best learn, and provide information and care in a way that reaches Millennials where they are.

MEAC-approved CEUs are available for this webinar through July 25, 2018. MANA members may access the webinar in the Members Only section here. #MANACAM17 attendees who are not MANA members should email Marie for the registration link.

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