MANA Board of Directors Update - Spring 2020

The MANA board has experienced some big changes and growth that we'd like to share with our community. We are very sorry to have seen several well known and beloved members resign in 2020, including Vicki Hedley, David Carter-Plake, and Claudia Breglia. Their dedication to MANA and the countless hours of volunteer work contributed is truly appreciated. They will be missed and we wish them all the very best in their individual endeavors. 

The remaining board members worked to fill these gaps and appointed interim board members by following the MANA Board of Director's by-laws. Dr. Sarita Bennett graciously stepped into the president's role and we look forward to working with her in her new capacity. In addition, a huge heartfelt welcome to Deb Sahlstrom, Yesenia Guzman, Sarah Foster, and Tomasina Oliver (roles listed below)! We are very excited to teach with and learn from these new voices! Each person brings new perspectives and contributions to the MANA board and our community. To learn more about these midwifery leaders, we will be updating the MANA website soon with pictures and biographies. 

MANA Board of Directors - Spring 2020  
Sarita Bennett, DO, CPM - President
Tomasina Oliver, CPM - Vice President
Renata Hillman, CPM - Secretary
Deb Sahlstrom, CPM - Treasurer
Colleen Donovan-Batson, CNM - Director of Health Policy
Wendi Cleckner, CPM - Director of States Advocacy
Ximena Rojas, CPM - Director of Access and Equity
Yesenia Guzman, CPM - Director of Professional Development
Sarah Foster, CPM - Director of Organizational Development

With few nominations and little interest in elections from members, we appreciate you understanding our need to move forward by using the MANA Board of Director's by-laws to settle in as a board, solidify as a group, and get MANA business done. We plan to resume elections in the spring of 2021 and urge you to participate. Our goal is to transparently operate as YOUR board in a way that creates the opportunity for anyone who has a passion for this work to find a place for their energy and creativity. We welcome discussion (improvement suggestions or praise) and encourage members to reach out to us by email at

We look forward to supporting your professional and student midwifery journeys by providing unity, education, research and resources!

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