MANA Election 2021

Thank you members of MANA for allowing me to serve as Vice President of MANA during the RISE 2020 and TRANSITIONS 2021 eras of this organization. 

And thank You MANA BOARD! It has been one of my greatest accomplishments to be present on this Board of Directors.

About this time last March 2020, I was appointed as the Vice President of MANA. I volunteered to uphold the office as described in the Policy & Procedure Manual which is the tool that governs and guides this board.

As MANA’s Vice President, I was responsible for:

  • Board leadership oversight and coordination of all committees and sections including chairs and volunteers.
  • Responsible for the Membership Advisory Council.
  • Responsible for committee chair and volunteer engagement at MANA  conferences.
  • Direct contact with the President regarding all matters and has full understanding of the President’s role and duties.

I have enjoyed the challenges, and the many moments of decision-making where the board shares their own diverse leadership perspectives. I also invite the chaos within this work that refines and moves midwifery as a birthright to the masses; I believe this can be done by remaining  present, willing and passionate about midwifery.

As this election year begins, I appeal to the Membership of MANA to express their nomination for me to remain the Vice President through this election process. 

Tomasina Oliver, DEM, LM, CPM, HHC
Mana Vice President

Submit all nominations to
by August 31st, 2021.

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