MANA-RISE2020 Online Conference Starts Tomorrow!

Title: MANA-RISE2020 Online Conference Starts Tomorrow!

Dear Midwifery Community,

MANA-RISE2020 Conference Starts tomorrow, October 27, 2020 at 9am CDT!! 

Join us Live as we kick off MANA’s first online conference – RISE 2020 – hosted by Gold Learning.  Beginning at 9 AM CDT on October 27 and continuing through October 28, you will be able to connect with the MANA board and conference speakers as well as participate in live discussions on important midwifery topics.  And, just because we understand the unpredictability of the life of a midwife, once registered, your access to the sessions will continue through the end of November 2020!

Each morning will begin with “Breakfast with the Board” which will give you the opportunity on the first day to meet the MANA Board members learn about what they are doing to support you in your community as they give their reports at MANA’s annual business meeting.  The second morning will be modeled after the traditional Open Forum and will give you the opportunity use your voice to help steer the midwifery profession.

A complete list of the expert speakers who have agreed to share their information with us can be found at here as well as session descriptions, videos, and conference registration.  Topics will cover a variety of categories and give participants new understandings of:

  •  the safety of vaginal breech birth
  •  how to deal with trauma in clients and midwives
  • what to do if legal troubles arise
  •  Black maternal mental health
  •  what we can learn from infant resuscitations … just to name a few.  

You will also have the opportunity to learn from conversations with experienced midwives and will be able to contribute your thoughts to live discussions addressing hot topics including preceptor/apprentice relationships and separating the nursing and midwifery professions.

Please make note that all of the session times listed on the MANA website are in Central Daylight Time so make sure you adjust accordingly for your time zone!

So, get your snacks ready, get comfy, and maybe even get together with a few of your midwifery friends (as allowed by pandemic restrictions) and come to RISE 2020 MANA’s online conference.  

We can’t wait to see you there! 

The MANA Board


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