MANA Statistics Update

The MANA Statistics Project was born in the 1990’s when database technology was young and innovative, the brainchild of Ellen Harris-Braun, CPM.  The brilliance of the many volunteers who have nurtured and grown “MANA Stats” along the way continues to be a foundation as the project transforms into its next chapter.  The MANA Board joins with former DOR Director of Data Collection, Bruce Ackerman to celebrate the development of a collaborative relationship with MANA’s new development team, Amanda and Fred Teye, to support the mission of the MANA Statistics Project.  MANA thanks Bruce for his years of devoted service to the project; see this link for a communication from Bruce to the contributors and supporters of the MANA Statistics Project.

Over the past nine months, the MANA Board worked diligently to determine the best course of action for the MANA Statistics Project.  Experts from the fields of academic research and cyber-technology were consulted, a basic transition plan was developed, and a request for proposals was sent to three database development teams across the country.  The learning curve has been steep.

Over the past several weeks, we have begun the hard work of updating, redesigning, and developing working relationships to guide this project.  Recently, we collaborated to identify and adopt a set of shared values-based goals for the MANA Statistics Project that emphasize a complete migration of contributor data, database security and contributor confidentiality.

As the amazing work of the Division of Research is carried forward into an upgraded system, a dynamic group of skilled midwifery advocates has stepped up to form a fundraising team.  They bring an array of experiences together as they work on grant applications to fund a transition plan that includes: full migration of the database with upgrade of the system; three years of maintenance and contributor support staff; and development of collaborative partnerships.  Please contact Lisa Pratt, president of the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery (FAM) here: for more information.  

As the agreed timeline for facilitating migration of the database is accomplished, regular updates will be communicated to the midwifery community to make the transition as smooth as possible for current and new contributors.  Restoring researcher engagement will become the next step and advisors are being assembled to guide that process.  Please contact for more information. 


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