MANA's Black Solidarity Statement


The voices of MANA grieve deeply and compassionately for the horrid effects of institutionalized racism against Black people. 


MANA stands by the mission to unite, strengthen, support, and advocate for the midwifery community and to promote educational, economic, and cultural sustainability of the midwifery profession.

MANA knows it is an indisputable fact that Black lives have suffered historically and unjustly for far too long...

MANA affirms everyone’s lives have been negatively impacted by institutionalized racism! 

MANA upholds agreement with the position of clinical mental health expert, midwifery intern and black justice advocate W. Q. Finley to align with the following:


1.  We want the dismantling and destruction of all systems of institutionalized racism that contribute daily to the torment and deaths of Black people.

2.  We want justice for Black families; mothers, fathers and babies who are or have been abused, neglected, or victimized by any and all institutionalized racist power structures.

3.  We want an end to the disproportionate deaths of Black men, Black women, Black children and our families.

4.  We want full autonomy as the expert and owner of our minds and bodies.

5.  We want the true definition of informed choice-as a collaborative working agreement to be based in full truth and knowledge, in our access to care.

6.  We want universal and equal access to culturally compatible and competent birth professionals.

7.  We want freedom of choice and inclusion of traditional healers, midwives and birth workers that teach, uphold and protect our ancient and sacred birth practices within the scope of providers.

8.  We want recognition and inclusion of our grand ancestors' innovation, sacrifices and achievements, within the global historical account of birthing practices.

9.  We want an end to the brutalization and exploitation of Black bodies for the advancement of the institutionalized medical establishment.

10.  We WILL take stake and leadership in defining and determining the future and direction of care given to our Black women, babies, and families in returning to a unified state of wellness.


MANA rises in solidarity alongside the black community and WE endorse these truths to be self-evident.


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