#Midwivesforall17: A campaign for midwifery for ALL families

Families of all kinds need midwives. But not all families have access to a midwife who looks like them or comes from their community. 

Elephant CircleThe Midwives AllianceSouthern Birth Justice Network, and Strong Families have come together to call for more midwives of all kinds to support the many kinds of family who want care. 

Starting on International Day of the Midwife (May 5th) and going through Mother’s Day (May 14th), the #Midwivesforall17 campaign is asking people to send a card to a midwifery leader reminding them that we need midwives for all families. Visit here to learn more and send a card now! Please also share these posts on Facebook herehere, and here

To help us better understand the motivation behind the campaign, which was launched by the MANA Division of Access and Equity, Jamarah Amani has written this guest post for MANA.

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